Illegally dumped rubbish frustrating council

Rubbish dumped in the Awatapu Lagoon in the Bay of Plenty. Photos: Whakatane District Council/Facebook.

A Bay of Plenty Council is disappointed with the illegal dumping taking place in its town.

Photos posted on the Whakatane District Council’s Facebook page show chairs, beds and other rubbish dumped in the Awatapu Lagoon behind Cutler Crescent.

The photos show two separate instances of illegal dumping.

To really salt the wound, the illegal dumping took place in the same location four days apart.

“To say we are disappointed is the understatement of 2019,” says the council on its Facebook page.

“If you see illegal dumping, can you please report it anonymously to Council - details such as a car rego are a good start.

“We know it costs money to use the transfer station, but this only covers the cost of responsible removal and disposal of rubbish.”

Anyone who sees illegal dumping taking place is asked to record the vehicle registration number and any other information that may assist in identifying those responsible.

While some illegal dumping sites have been littered with basic household rubbish, others have been the drop-off point for whiteware and electrical appliances.

Council community regulation manager Graeme says a lot of these items can be donated to charity or even sold at a garage sale or on Trade me.

"We’ve recovered a number of items from dumping sites that could have easily been taken to Community Resources Whakatane (CReW) in Te Tahi Street for reuse or repurposing."

Graeme says while there are costs associated with taking waste to the Whakatane transfer station, these only cover the cost of the responsible removal and disposal.

"We have a heap of resources available on our website and at our offices that will assist residents with tips on reducing residual waste, knowing what can be recycled and where different types of waste can be responsibly disposed of."


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Don’t believe it

Posted on 12-11-2019 18:49 | By Slim Shady

100% pure. Clean green NZ.

It's not rocket science

Posted on 12-11-2019 14:38 | By Scott Robertson

Where possible keep records of who is responsible and the reason for dumping, identify any patterns and address the cause. That might be free fees for some members of our community and fines for others. To get council started I’ve heard CCTV is a thing.

So sad

Posted on 12-11-2019 12:53 | By Honesty is the best Policy

It is so sad people doing this and wrong. But if tip prices were cheap it wouldnt be happerning at all so the councail needs to drop the price in the bop even tauranga the tip prices are a rip off

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