Feelers’ shows a mix of old hits and new songs

The Feelers. Supplied image.

The Feelers upcoming shows will be rollercoaster of songs from heavier rock to pop as well as their classic hits.

Singer James Reid is working on a set list for their tour and wants to showcase a range from their catalogue.

“I'm thinking quite a heavy start and then go into a little bit of pop, then into our classic hits and stuff like that, so it'll be a roller coaster.

“I'm trying to work out how we make a nice sort of ebb and flow as opposed to sometimes when you listen to a concert, it just barks at you the whole time.

“What I'm trying to do is work out how we can have crescendos and make almost like a movie story.”

The Feelers are playing at the Stadium Lounge in Mount Maunganui on Friday, December 20 at part of their All the Hits Summer Tour.

The Feelers have been together since their debut in 1995 and James say they have stayed together because they don’t see each other every day.

“When we get together it's really fun, so it's one of those relationships. It's like an old school friend that you haven't seen for years, and all of a sudden you'd meet up again and it's like nothing happened.”

James lives between Christchurch and Auckland and drummer and guitarist Hamish Gee lives in Auckland.

Songwriter James has been busy and they will be playing two new songs during their tour, Dear Anxiety and Summer Ride.

He says his inspiration comes from a lot of different places including movies.

Summer Ride is inspired by a scene from the movie Tropic Thunder.

“I watch a lot of films, I went to film school and when I was at university I did philosophy and all that sort of stuff, so a lot of my writing is quite ambiguous.

“I think everyone should be able to take something from it in their own way. It's sort of philosophical, it leaves a message in there if you can find it.”

The Feelers are playing some shows with stellar* and James is looking forward to the tour because they have toured together before.

“I like the comradery, I like being on stage with everyone.

“The music industry in New Zealand, is so close that everyone's basically family, which is really cool.”

He also loves the crowd interaction when they’re playing.

“I love the sing along, when we get a whole audience to sing the songs with us.

“I think back to when I wrote them round the dinner table and wherever I am, I go hang on, how is this possible that everyone knows these lyrics now?”

Tickets for their shows can be found here.

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