Durham Street and Durham Lane upgrade completed

Durham Street and Durham Lane are open, providing an attractive and welcoming space for the community.

The new street layout features 1,690 plants, and new wooden benches and lighting, while the narrower, raised road provides improved pedestrian accessibility. As part of the project, a significant amount of work took place underground, future-proofing the area. This included the renewal of 650 metres of water pipes, 300 metres of gas lines and 150 metres stormwater pipes, as well as sewer and electric services upgrades.

Mayor Tenby Powell says that after 16 months of extensive and complex upgrade works, the community now has an inner-city space it can be proud of.

“The street is inviting and presents a people-focused environment our city hasn’t experienced before,” he says.

“This upgrade has already improved the look and the dynamic of the city centre and ties in nicely with the new University of Waikato campus.”

The mayor also acknowledges that projects like this are not easily accomplished.

“Change on this scale often comes with some pain, especially for the business community, and I would like to acknowledge and thank the business people in this area for their patience and endurance.

“The upgrading of Durham Street and Durham Lane, the Farmers development and other city transformation projects will energise our city centre, and create a better experience for residents and visitors which, over time, will support economic vitality.”

The Durham Street and Durham Lane upgrade was designed to create a contemporary and inviting community space which will work with and enhance the new University of Waikato campus. Community feedback has significantly influenced the design, especially in terms of greening the street and the seating elements. 

Durham Street and Durham Lane were officially opened and blessed today.

Completed Durham Street upgrade - view from Spring Street before and after can be downloaded here


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