Traffic delays on State Highway 2

Traffic heading from Omokoroa to Tauranga may expe

"Massive" traffic delays are being reported on State Highway 2, between Te Puna and Bethlehem, this morning.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says there are two crashes on the SH2.

"The highway is a mess. Traffic is backed up in through Bethlehem to Te Puna.

"There is a crash on SH2 at Clarke Road and a second one near Snodgrass Road."

According to Google Live Traffic reporting, traffic is "very slow" for people heading from Omokoroa to Tauranga.

At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to

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Coarse of crashes

Posted on 09-12-2019 16:52 | By Rob 36

Would be interesting to know state of drivers and what they were doing ?

Imagine a

Posted on 09-12-2019 16:18 | By earlybird

hovercraft service from Omokoroa to downtown Tauranga. It wouldn’t be affected by tides so travel times would be reasonably short - much shorter than driving on the clogged up road.

Sorry thinker...

Posted on 09-12-2019 12:12 | By likeminded

"Double highwaying" will not solve this problem - we need to look at ways to remove cars off the roads (like all of Tauranga). better public transport links.


Posted on 09-12-2019 10:22 | By The Professor

with "Thinker". It would be very interesting to know what speed these vehicles were travelling at in both accidents......well below the posted speed limit and below the proposed lower speed limit I bet!! Build a new road - that’s the only effective fix!!!!


Posted on 09-12-2019 10:17 | By Justin T.

Yes travelling too close but this was all caused by rubberneckers gawking at the old police wrapped car crash just past TePuna roundabout heading towards Tauranga. Nothing to see here, move along! Justin T.


Posted on 09-12-2019 08:43 | By Thinker

No amount of speed reductions or cheapskate widening and so called safety measures will EVER fix this highway. The increase in traffic every day alone make it imperative to start new double highway. NOW

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