Water meter installation in BOP towns

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Water meters will be installed at all properties within two Bay of Plenty towns that currently do not have a water meter.

The project, which is budgeted for in the Whakatane District 2019-20 Annual Plan, will enable better management of the water network and more effective identification of leaks.

Council reporting indicates that Taneatua and Waimana households use much higher amounts of water than the national average.

The reports compare water supply to the area against national average household use, which is the only means of measuring water use in unmetered area.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council Land and Water plan also encourages installation of water meters to avoid unnecessary water wastage.

Whakatane District Council general manager planning and infrastructure, David Bewley, says the installation project is designed to encourage users to be more aware of their water consumption and that it is not a revenue-gathering tool.

“Water meters allow for more effective and efficient identification of leaks, as many underground leaks go undetected.

“The installation of water meters in other areas such as Edgecumbe and Te Mahoe has significantly reduced water wastage by detecting leaks on private properties.”

The system for charging for water will not change in the short term. This means property owners will continue to be charged a supply fee included in the land rates, rather than per cubic metre of water used.

If volumetric charging is introduced in the future, it will only be following a formal consultation process through the Long Term Plan.

David says contractors are due to commence work in the second week of February.

“We anticipate there will be minimal disruption to property owners or occupiers during the installation process, but encourage people to contact Whakatane District Council on 07 30605000 if they have any queries.”

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