Hundreds of Kiwis going veg for 2020

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People across Aotearoa have signed up for the NZ Vegetarian Society’s 21-day plant based challenge. The popularity of the challenge has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Kiwis of all ages and backgrounds are signing up for the challenge. Most of those who are giving it a go are meat-eaters who are wanting to make a positive change. Kiwis typically go veg for one of three reasons; animal welfare, environment concerns, or personal health.

NZ Vegetarian Society spokesperson Philip McKibbin says the popularity of this challenge shows that Kiwis are embracing vegetarianism and veganism.

“We knew that one in 10 Kiwis were avoiding meat some or all of the time – but it seems that more and more New Zealanders are looking at plant-based alternatives. 2019 saw veganism going mainstream, with many food companies releasing new vegan products. 2020 will likely see its popularity grow even further.”

The NZ Vegetarian Society’s website provides numerous resources to assist new vegetarians and vegans – including the recently launched 21 day plant based challenge.

The 21 day plant based challenge offers tips to help you eat healthier, and lead a more compassionate and environmentally-friendly life. When you sign up, you will start receiving daily inspirations, recipes, and all the nutritional information you need to make a change.

Philip says anyone who is keen to give vegetarianism or veganism a go should talk to the vegetarians and vegans that they know.

“Everyone knows and loves a vegetarian - it could be a member of your whanau, or a close friend. Why not ask them for advice? Chances are they’ll be really happy to talk to you about what they eat and share some tips. As with every new challenge, it’s wise to ask those who already have those skills to help you get started.”

The NZ Vegetarian Society promotes vegetarianism, including veganism, and strives to provide a welcoming environment for everyone, from long-term vegans to those who are simply curious about plant-based diets.

Anyone thinking of going plant-based is encouraged to become a member of the NZ Vegetarian Society. Members receive a welcome pack containing the Going Vegetarian booklet to help them get started, as well as the quarterly magazine, Vegetarian Living NZ, which is packed with great articles, the latest vegan news, and plant-based recipes.

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I would sign for sure...

Posted on 23-01-2020 06:16 | By GreertonBoy

If I could have a gigantic, juicy steak with those veggies... otherwise, forget it

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