People flocking to fast food joints in Tauranga

The line at MacDonalds in Greerton this morning. Photo: James Bedford.

Queues are out to the road at fast food joints in Tauranga this morning.

New Zealand has moved from Alert Level 4 to 3 today, and already people are taking advantage of the new level.

A photo sent to SunLive at 5.45am, show a large line at the drive-thru at MacDonalds in Greerton this morning.

James Bedford sent the photo and says he is only just getting his food now, at 6.35am.

On the menu this morning is two Big Mac combos, two Quarter Pounder combos and two nugget combos.

"And a few other things," he jokes.

With the change in alert level, people can expect to see more traffic on the roads as people, who can't work from home, return to their workplace.

People are reminded to remain patient as everyone, including the fast food industry, adjusts.

Alert Level 3 will see many significant restrictions on New Zealanders’ movements retained, but will permit aspects of the economy to reopen in a safe way that will allow the economic recovery to begin, says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced.

“There are promising signs our go hard and go early elimination strategy is working and the lockdown is breaking the chain of community transmission. Any move to Level 3 cannot put those gains at risk.

“By design, Level 3 is a progression, not a rush to normality. It carries forward many of the restrictions in place at Level 4, including the requirement to mainly be at home in your bubble and to limit contact with others.

“Protecting the health of New Zealanders is our primary focus but we also need to position the economy for recovery. Importantly the test for a business opening at Level 3 moves to it being safe, rather than being essential,” says Jacinda Ardern.

Changes at Level 3 include:

Minor extensions to bubbles.
Sticking to existing bubbles is recommended but some expansion is allowed if, for example, you have a caregiver that you need, children in shared care, a defacto partner who is caring for others, or you’re a single person who wants the company of a sibling for example. Keep it exclusive and keep it small.

Some people can return to work and business reopens if safe

People must work from home if they can. Where that is not possible businesses may re-open but must comply with health and safety requirements around physical distancing and contactless engagement with customers.
Businesses only accessed by the staff, and without a customer facing function, such as building and construction or forestry can open under strict health and safety and physical distancing rules.

Businesses that are accessed by the public or customers such as retail, hardware stores and restaurants can open but only for online or phone purchases and contactless delivery or click and collect.

Partial reopening of education
Early childhood centres and schools will be available up to Year 10 only, but attendance is purely voluntary. For children who are able, distance learning is still the best option. Tertiary education will mostly be through distance learning.

Travel restrictions remain but move from local to regional
This recognises that more people will travel to work, or to take children to school. But to avoid taking potential COVID-19 cases to other parts of the country, restricting movement to what is necessary remains the goal.

Funerals and weddings

Funerals and weddings will be able to go ahead, but limited to 10 people. But they can only be services. No meals, food or receptions can take place.

“We have engaged with sector groups on the details announced so far. Further details will continue to be made available over the coming days,” says Jacinda.

“The main message remains stay home to save lives. It remains the most effective way to break the chain of transmission. At Level 3 there are slightly more opportunities for you to come into contact with people outside your bubble. As a general rule of thumb, the goal of keeping two metres away from each other still applies.

“To eliminate COVID-19 will continue to take a team-of-five-million effort. Under lockdown we have shown our ability to put in place a virtual wall that has broken the chain of transmission. Our new line of defence when we reach Level 3 is common sense, following the rules and trust in one another."

Click here for more information on the New Zealand COVID-19 Alert Levels Summary.

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igh and mighty folke here...

Posted on 29-04-2020 17:22 | By This Guy

Yes, yes we all know you’re all SO MUCH BETTER than everyone else because you don’t eat fast food... get over yourselves and just let people enjoy the things they like. You’re moaning about people eating fast food but knowing the user base of this site, I bet you’d all turn around and whine loudly if a vegan ever suggest you don’t eat meat.


Posted on 29-04-2020 06:20 | By mac attack

Lining up for an hour for overpriced crap...sad.


Posted on 28-04-2020 18:30 | By Honesty is the best Policy

Who would buy that rubbish id rather starve than eat this so bad for you

so unhealthy

Posted on 28-04-2020 17:03 | By terry hall

this is the way that a lot of kiwi live today, you can see the queues of obese and i mean unhealthy obese people in the queue including children, we need bigger and more hospitals. but of course the owners are laughing all the way to the bank. like one $20.000.000 million dollar house on the beach front, plus $ 2.000.000 dollar launch, these fast food people should have a health tax included in there profits to help pay for the hospital budget.

and don't forget the coffee

Posted on 28-04-2020 15:40 | By Wundrin

the obsessional reliance on takeaway food and coffee is a sad indictment on society. So much for everyone’s finances having taken a major hit.....


Posted on 28-04-2020 13:33 | By Pjw

Can’t believe people would rush out to buy process rubbish how sad

Sad cringe

Posted on 28-04-2020 09:08 | By PretendsToBeWorking

So bad


Posted on 28-04-2020 07:55 | By Pjw

Can’t believe people would line up for that line to eats horriable over priced processed food you would think they had never seen it before

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