Police investigate potential hack of their data

File image/SunLive.

Police are investigating a potential hack of their own information, which had been sent to a research company.

Assistant Commissioner Jevon McSkimming says police have been alerted to the data breach by the company concerned.

“The company has also reported the breach to police as a crime and our High Tech Cyber Crime team is now investigating.”

The information provided by police to the company includes contact details of a selection of people who have had contact with police.

The information is used for surveying the quality of police service.

“We are working to understand the scope of the hack and the potential impact of any security breaches of information provided by police.

“Once we have a better understanding of the real risk to people, and the potential impact, we will look to inform those who may have been affected.

“NZ Police has suspended provision of any further information to the company and surveying until our investigations are complete."

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No encryption?

Posted on 16-07-2020 11:23 | By morepork

Data of this nature should be encrypted on Police servers and when it is transmitted to any other party. If it was, then the damage done will be negligible; if it wasn’t then someone needs to have their bottom smacked...

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