Feedback sought for next step in Mount project

The Community Design Group helped develop options for Innovating Streets at The Mount. Supplied images.

After receiving community support for trialling temporary changes on some of the Mount’s busiest routes, Tauranga City Council is now asking people which design options they would like to see trialled.

The options are focused mainly on altering street layouts to make the streets safer and more enjoyable for all users, while also making the area more attractive.

The trials would be implemented on a temporary basis and monitored to gauge their success, which will depend principally on how the community feels about the changes involved.

Co-design is key for the project ‘Innovating Streets at The Mount’ and council staff have been working closely with 28 representatives from all corners of the community (the Community Design Group) as well as consultant designers, says a statement from Tauranga City Council.

As a result, several design options have been developed for the following routes: Banks/Salisbury Avenue, Pilot Bay, Main Beach (from the corner of Adams Avenue to Banks Avenue) and the Tay Street link (between Banks Avenue and Tay Street, including the intersection).

The options cover various ideas, including two-way cycleways, closing sections of the road, slowing down traffic, creating one-way roads, maintaining two-way roads, changing the layout of parking, and creating spaces for events and other activities. 

As an example, for Main Beach three options have been developed:

  •   •  Option 1. One-way traffic: with a two-way route for bikes and scooters on the beach side. 60° angle car parking would be on both sides for the majority of the route.

  •   •  Option 2. Two-way traffic: with a two-way route for bikes and scooters on the beach side. 45° angle car parking on the residential side.

  •   •  Option 3. Shared zone: a section of the road would be closed to through traffic, although still available for emergency vehicles, residential and businesses, creating public space for people on foot, bikes and scooters, with seating, planting and shade and space for market stalls and events. Limited parking.

“This has been a great opportunity for Mount residents to genuinely consult with Tauranga City Council," says Michael O'Neill, Mount resident and the representative of the Mount Residents, Ratepayers and Retailers Association in the Community Design Group.

"As a community, we really feel that we have been included and we have enjoyed working together with council in a neutral and open fashion.”

Brooke McGregor, student at Mount Maunganui College, Mount resident and the representative of Mount youth in the Community Design Group, says it has been interesting and encouraging to be part of this project.

"Our group is now passing the baton onto the wider community and I would encourage everyone who has anything to do with The Mount to share their thoughts on which designs council should trial.”

Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell reiterates the need for the city to make plans to deal with growth.

"Tauranga is growing fast and in The Mount in particular, we have limited space to accommodate more residents and visitors. Innovating Streets at The Mount is the perfect chance to test how we can plan for a busier future, while making the area safer and more enjoyable for people to use.”

The Mount trial is being supported through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets pilot fund. $990,000 + (ex GST) has been set aside for developing and implementing the trials, of which Waka Kotahi is funding 90% and Tauranga City Council 10%.

For more information about the project or to share your thoughts, visit

People who prefer to complete a printed feedback form can visit the Mount Maunganui Beachside Holiday Park, Mount Maunganui Library, Mount Hot Pools and Baywave to pick up a print copy of the form, or call council on (07) 577 7000.

Members of the public can share their thoughts between November 12 and 29 at

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Posted on 12-11-2020 22:15 | By The Caveman

The so called council consultation and requested ratepayer input is NOTHING more than a SOP ……………… The faceless council bureaucrats – who it seems you will NEVER learn the names of, have already decided what they are going to do with the central Mount Streets and that IS A MASSIVE ONE WAY SYSTEM and it’s a case to HELL with the residents and visitors – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BIKE MOB !!! Oh, and the Councillors will toe the line of the faceless council bureaucrats. Who runs the Council? - certainly NOT the elected councillors who are supposed to be working for the ratepayers/residents.


Posted on 12-11-2020 21:19 | By MountBorn

of the above, again stupidity at its best


Posted on 12-11-2020 12:52 | By morepork

It sounds great, doesn’t it? Wonder why all the other posts are skeptical? Angels has been there and done that. Avman makes some really sensible objections. Unfortunately, some (many?) of us have lost all faith in this Council and its leadership. We are not just a bunch of whining, fault-finders. I really hope this DOES work, but let’s not get taken in by the "Plan", as described clearly by Fernhill22. I don’t think this Council should be allowed to do ANYTHING other than routine "ticking over" stuff, as they have shown they are generally unfit for purpose. They can’t even behave properly and responsibly; how can they then be entrusted with spending our money? We need, not just a bye-election, but a complete civic reshuffle through a general community election, based on a vote of no-confidence. Failing that, they should not be allowed to undertake NEW projects.

Tell Me

Posted on 11-11-2020 17:42 | By WordsFailMe

Maybe the Council would like to tell us about any of their "Traffic Plans” that have actually worked?


Posted on 11-11-2020 16:34 | By Avman

Not one of the proposed options can possibly work. One option simply closes off the whole road. It seems that Council does not seem to understand the basic concept that a closed road is not able to fulfil its intended purpose as a road anymore. The mind boggles at the mentality. The other 2 options are unable to work because the indicated parking will block all through traffic whenever a vehicle backs out of a carpark. So again, there will be no real through road. This is why it isn’t like that now, because the people that designed it in the first place knew that such layouts simply cannot work and that a road should actually be able to function as a road. Honestly, it’s like getting 3-year olds to design the city with crayons.

On the contrary

Posted on 11-11-2020 16:28 | By Rochelais

In contrast to other comments, I commend the efforts of TCC to address this issue and to engage with the public to find a way forward. It ain’t working too well right now - we need a better layout so pedestrians, cyclists, scooters etc can access here, not just cars. This isn’t lip service, its a genuine attempt to get guidance and input from us. We should be thankful they’re asking our opinion, and not just going ahead with a design from their traffic engineers.


Posted on 11-11-2020 16:09 | By Fernhill22

I think the process in TCC goes something like this: 1) Let’s not fix the traffic issues we’ve already created. That’s far too much hard work. 2) Let’s come up with another plan to change traffic flow somewhere elsewhere around town. 3) Let’s ignore public feedback as we are going ahead with it anyway. 4) Let’s say it’s going to be a trial, but it’s not really. 5) Now it’s implemented, it’s over budget & the locals are unhappy with the outcome. 6) Traffic congestion is now 100 times worse, but the whole project is deemed a success for anyone other than a motorist. 7) Congratulate ourselves on a Job well done, now we’ve managed to pi** everyone off.

Tom Ranger

Posted on 11-11-2020 14:39 | By Tom Ranger

May the eyes of these councilors open towards doing what rate-payer’s actually want and need them to do instead of myopically moving forward with their pre-planned conceptions doomed to failure, while falsely claiming that 28 people are representing us. (This is a very old technique to make thing’s official and bypass true public consultation). Also may the flea’s of a thousand Iraqi camels infest the armpits of these people making these decisions currently. Amen. Defund the TCC.

Not again

Posted on 11-11-2020 12:27 | By Angels

After attending previously run city projects on reading etc. this will be another lip service to the public. They have it all pre planned. This only give us a false sense of having a say. They never listen only destroy flow of traffic through the city, once piece at a time

2 Questions

Posted on 11-11-2020 11:11 | By Yadick

1. What is wrong with how it is? 2. What are the accident/injury stats caused by the current layout?

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