Trash talking the new rubbish collection

James Newman with five weeks’ worth of recycling that he takes to the transfer station. Photo: John Borren

The new ‘one size fits all’ approach to rubbish collection in Tauranga continues to be slated by residents, especially seniors.

From July 1, the rates funded rubbish and recycling service will replace the current services households have with private contractors.

The council-led service will consist of a 140L rubbish bin, a 240L recycling bin and a 23L food scrap bin to add to their existing 45L glass recycling crate. Food scraps will be collected weekly with the others collected fortnightly.

It is not only the $230 added to rates that is upsetting residents, but the number of bins and people feeling they are forced to used it.

James Newman is happy with his current system of taking all his recycling to the transfer station once every five or six weeks and putting out one council rubbish bag just as seldom.

Council aren’t giving people a choice about the bins, says the Mount Maunganui home owner.

The octogenarian spends less than $100 a year on waste disposal and doesn’t want to drag heavy bins up his 100m driveway.

“As far as I'm concerned, they [the bins] can stay on the side of the road until they take them away again, I won't accept them.”

James can get away with not putting out any general rubbish and continuing to recycle.

Council infrastructure general manager Nic Johansson says the decision for the new service was made following consultation with the community as part of the Long Term Plan 2018-28.

He says 66 per cent of people who submitted to the plan were in favour of a council-led kerbside waste collection service.

Welcome Bay resident Elly Maynard also wants to keep the current collection system because of the increased cost.

Elly and her husband have mobility issues so they are unable to get bins to the bottom of their steep driveway.

Their support worker takes the one bag of rubbish they produce a week to the roadside for them.

Elly will apply for the assisted service that is available for those who are physically unable to get the bins to and from the curb.

The service will be free of charge to people who have a disability or ailment that prevents them from moving the bins, they must also not have anyone in the household or community support that can do this for them.

Council sustainability and waste manager Sam Fellows says people will need a medical certificate to verify a physical, neurological, sensory or intellectual impairment to accompany the request form.

Once council have reviewed the form, they will meet with the resident at their home to find a place to service the bins. People who are unable to move their bins are encouraged to contact council on 07 577 7000, says Sam.

Elly says the service will be helpful but requiring a medical certificate is just another added cost.

Her suggestion is council use biodegradable rubbish bags in place of the black plastic bags instead of being forced to use the new system.

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Leave the rubbish Collection as it was.

Posted on 30-01-2021 15:00 | By local yokel

Leave the Rubbish collection as it was . It worked well by private collectors for years and kept them in jobs. Now the Council in all their wisdom decide to do away our local collectors and charge us more to send our rubbish overseas and tell us it was because 66% agreed to it. That’ BS as the system we had worked for us all and now they say it was because 66% of Tauranga residents agreed to it .A lot of us didnt know about the proposed system and want the old system left as it was. If the current City council go ahead with their so called better system they may as well start looking for new jobs as the instigators of the change will all be gone next election. They should have a postal vote to everyones letter box first.

user pay

Posted on 27-01-2021 16:07 | By hapukafin

What ever happen to this.I hope the new commissioner sort this out. Just learnt today my cancer tumour is 3xs the original size,available chemo has not controlled it.Self funded chemo cost about $100.000pa.I shall send this to TCC


Posted on 27-01-2021 11:09 | By Castreece

Neither I nor my neighbours were consulted from what I’ve read on this thread there is a clear majority of the community against this enforced move. Wasn’t the original cost for glass $22 now up to $37? At that yearly rate of increase the ratepayer will be hit hard and our NZ owned rubbish collectors will suffer through lack of local business.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics....

Posted on 26-01-2021 11:22 | By WestieMum

..the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments. So 66% of respondents thought it was a good idea. So if you are quoting figures - what percentage of ratepayers completed the survey? I did, but I don’t recall hearing about what the "findings" where, and what Council was proposing to do given those "findings". Until it was communicated as a done deal. I deal with stats everyday, and you can make them say whatever you want them to say, depending on the question asked and what weighting you’ve given the answers and the interpretation. Hope the Commissioners read these comments (insert Tui ad). It’s a done deal unfortunately, but surely we can have the right to chose what bin, size etc BEFORE 1 July. At the best, an opt OUT option.


Posted on 25-01-2021 19:07 | By Slim Shady

Me neither. Another spectacular failure to spot the sarcasm. Love the coherent post. That’s made my day.

It's official.

Posted on 25-01-2021 13:45 | By morepork

There is no intention to review or delay this plan. Public meetings have been announced so they can say the public were consulted, but there is nothing you or I can say that will stop it. I find this just disgusting, and the sooner we get rid of the remaining idiots who brought this on us, the better.

Woe betide

Posted on 25-01-2021 12:06 | By Kancho

Can’t be see why a landlord would absorb extra cost. Woe betide sounds like a wet bus ticket.

Beware The Bin Police

Posted on 25-01-2021 09:09 | By fabpuss

Caveman, I think you will find that Chch uses this company. They check that you are using you bins properly, send out warning letter then take your bin away if you do not comply. $600+ to get it back. Has happened to hundreds already. I am sure it will be part of the contract here as well.


Posted on 24-01-2021 15:07 | By AJSommerville

From the photo it looks like James has a lot more bins that the Council service, not to mention the hassle and cost of driving to the transfer station.

Bruja & co

Posted on 24-01-2021 15:05 | By Slim Shady

Your landlord will pay for it. You get it for free. And woe betide any landlord who tries to put up the rent to cover ever increasing costs. Anyway, on another point, regarding the 66% of submitters in favour - this is typical of Council. I guarantee that if 66% of submitters were against they would have noted it but said they are going ahead as it only represents a very small fraction of the population, and non submitters were in favour by silence. The decisions are always decided beforehand, and the results of any submissions are always twisted to suit the pre determined policy.


Posted on 24-01-2021 12:14 | By Kancho

I can understand seniors being annoyed. Often one or two to a house with a lot less rubbish to dispose of. But paying the same rates , the same charges as do households with many occupants who use and generate more rubbish etc. All to no avail as it’s a done deal for ten years. You may think you can revolt not use the bins, march in the street whatever , you will still get the bill to pay. Yes it’s not just the politicians it’s staff who push this. I hope the commissioner does a big cut back on the sack full of managers we appear to have. As to renters don’t think you will get no charge as it will go to the landlord who will probably increase the rent to pay for it


Posted on 24-01-2021 10:53 | By dave4u

If you write to the Govt commission taking over the BOP council or to the top person.. Nanaia Mahuta she might be able to cancel the rubbish contract.

Real Rubbish

Posted on 24-01-2021 07:07 | By WordsFailMe

What I’d like to know is if this load of rubbish originated with Council Staff or the Councillors?


Posted on 24-01-2021 00:03 | By The Caveman

I will only putting ONE bin out - GENERAL RUBBISH - and everything will be going into it - !!!!!


Posted on 23-01-2021 22:20 | By

Mr Johansson...please be TOTALLY state that 66% of of those that submitted agreed with this...BUT WHEN I CHECKED THE NUMBERS that was I believe circa 2000 of a population of 30,000.... Not a majority by any means.....

Oh and what about those like me who rent???

Posted on 23-01-2021 21:12 | By Bruja

I’m not a ratepayer so how will you ’charge’ me TCC??? Oh and ’public consultation’??? When??? I wasn’t EVER asked. Thank god there are ’commissioners’ coming in. Can’t be any worse than you lot! :(

I Trust

Posted on 23-01-2021 20:19 | By R1Squid

That the appointed commission will see the error in the Council ways and adopt a system similar to that of the Western Bay Of Plenty.

Not too late

Posted on 23-01-2021 19:32 | By Told you

With commissioners to run the City I would suggest it is not too late to negotiate a withdrawal from this service, with the providers, because the Council was dysfunctional at the time this contract was let , it should be easy to call it null and void.

Enough Kerbs?

Posted on 23-01-2021 18:51 | By Intrepid

Has Council modelled enough land for the bins if everyone at the Mount puts them out. Maunganui Road alone wouldnt be long enough with all the homes.

AGREED to all these posts

Posted on 23-01-2021 18:31 | By sambro

IDIOCRACY! How stupid do you think we are COUNCIL? (obviously "very") I’ll vote you ALL out next election.


Posted on 23-01-2021 18:03 | By Davy

We in WBOP were Not asked That I remember,a poll should have been taken I only Spend $140 a year with private collectors Im finding it hard to pay rate now

So Unnecessary

Posted on 23-01-2021 17:30 | By Helen de Montalk

We do not have the area to cater for so many bins. We do not the need for so many bins. We have little to recycle and take to transfer station as we need. We send our food scraps to Community Gardens for composting. I do not understand why this is being forced on us.

Nic Johansson

Posted on 23-01-2021 17:09 | By nerak

needs to prove 66% of ratepayers want this. I don’t want it, particularly the food scrap bin. I have a worm bin, and compost bin. Sorted, although the temptation to put some council staff in either might mean I need bigger bins.

No remedy too bad.

Posted on 23-01-2021 16:59 | By Kancho

For the previously announced the new system will be part of the annual bill regardless of whether you accept it or not . So a done deal for the first year at least. Then some adjustments but not an opt out ? Too bad

Buy a towbar extension

Posted on 23-01-2021 16:39 | By Taurangagecko

I’m against the new rubbish collection we prefer the way it is. Some of the previous comments apply for me (us) i.e we don’t have so much rubbish, I don’t want all the bins, costs. I live far from the roadside, in our case ruralroadside no kerb. I have emailed the council. One of the replies was that we could buy a towbar connector so we could tow the bin(s) to the collection point. A) you need a towbar B) extra costs. Another reply was that in about 2 years time there might be options for bin sizes. I must have been one of the 34% who filled out the form in 2018 and didn’t agree with the council-led kerbside waste collection service.

Remember this failed council

Posted on 23-01-2021 16:39 | By Kancho

Yes from my understanding the failed council signed a ten year contract for this rubbish collection system. It is a one size fits all that has cost escalation clauses. So what was wrong with the previous user pays system ? pay less if you control how much you send to landfilI and how well you recycle, more if you don’t. I can understand a need to try and reduce generation to land fill in but this hardly addresses the problem. A lot of plastics and other products still don’t recycle but this does little to change this ? If these councillors seek re election remember those who voted for this deal that is done with no way out


Posted on 23-01-2021 15:13 | By Angels

This is another reason we need a change in council. This is crazy notion . All these extra bins, oldies trying to walk them to curb side down the lane and back ( lots uphill). Why are council trying to fix what is not broken. Just tax everyone more for sheer stupidity . We are going to be paying a huge amount upcoming already with the councils crazy spending etc etc.


Posted on 23-01-2021 15:03 | By Slim Shady

It’s all too much hard work. Government, and Councils up and down this land, are happy to put waste into the rivers and sea making them unfit for humans to go in, so I’m all for digging a big hole and filling it with rubbish. Food scrap bins just attract insects in the house, or rats outside, so that’s just a chilly bin for me. It’s a rip off. This article alone has highlighted two Council “managers” that need to be culled.


Posted on 23-01-2021 14:48 | By Foxy1

My understanding is the council has already signed a 10 year contract so all done and dusted. $230 year one with clauses allowing further increases so unlike rates this amount can increase at the council’s whim. The contract is with a Mainland China firm. Are they doing this to help our environment as being touted by the council? Yeah - Right.

What does it take?

Posted on 23-01-2021 14:31 | By morepork

Even leaving aside the "edge cases" like the ones in the article, an overwhelming majority of us can see no need for this stupid system to be imposed. We know it is cumbersome, we know it is much more expensive, we know it is owned by a foreign company and takes away Kiwi jobs, we were not consulted about it, feelings are very high against it, and yet, it will proceed. TCC knew that if it went to a referendum there would be a landslide against it. And yet, the deal was done. If there is any legal way to cancel this contract we should be looking at it NOW. (If there isn’t, we should be ensuring that it won’t be renewed.)


Posted on 23-01-2021 14:26 | By peanuts9

I haven’t seen the contract the council has signed but I’ll bet my life savings it has one or more penalty clauses. I have no doubt the company which has the contract has made sure that if the council backtrack, it will cost the ratepayers millions. Are those who oppose the new system prepared to pay that because I’m not? Being a disabled non-driver, I think the new proposal is better than what is available now.

O. van Toor

Posted on 23-01-2021 14:06 | By M. Mouse

I think it is a great opportunity to save money for everybody not only house holds but council as well. Place large recycling bins at designated shops where everybody can bring there recycling back to glass paper/ cardboard / plastic / tins So you would have only trucks running to the shops and not trough all the streets which will save fuel no need for brand new bins and you wouldn’t find your bin not emptied because it was to full according to the driver or incorrect glass in the glass bin or a broken glass what just should be going to land fill according the senior waste manager from TCC


Posted on 23-01-2021 13:59 | By hapukafin

Im out of breath just going 30m and back to check my mail with my terminal cancer and chemo. I put my present glass bin out four times last year,whats happened to my compulsory payment.Do I get a refund or does it gointo the council coffee fund.Now Im going to pay for 4 bins I dont use.Im not going to have a quality life with a council like we have.What happen to users pay.

Rubbish Collection

Posted on 23-01-2021 12:50 | By mlangdon

Why do we have to have up to four different bins for goodness sake, we often visit our Daughter in Auckland (Botany), she has TWO LARGE WHEELIE BINS, one for recycling and one for general rubbish, surely that is more sensible than is proposed here.


Posted on 23-01-2021 12:43 | By tabatha

People made submissions to the council and I believe totally ignored. The size of the bins is saying we need to use more recycled products rather than reducing recyclable products. Some of the Supermarkets are now supplying a biodegradable type of plastic bag which takes very little space. Would like to see the whole thing revisited and listened too. Idea great but is it really taking into account different lifestyles people have. Really prefer the system we have now, easy to use and payable on user use not dictated use. Can some people help some how to get this revisited.

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