LIVE: New positive Covid-19 community case

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

A new positive Covid-19 case is being reported in New Zealand today.

The individual is a casual plus contact who had been advised to self-isolate and get tested, says a statement from the Ministry of Health.

"We are working actively with Auckland Regional Public Health staff on next steps."

More information will be released at a 1pm media conference at Parliament.

Auckland moved to alert level 1 at midnight on Monday.

The decision was made on the advice of Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

In her media standup on Monday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the change will be from midnight today.

She says face coverings will be mandatory on public transport throughout the country at alert level 1.

Masking is already mandatory in Auckland on public transport. Keeping it mandatory throughout the country at level 1 is new.

The order will be kept under review as vaccines are being rolled out.

Ardern asking people to "please" use the Covid-19 tracer app.

While scanning is currently not mandatory, it’s been said previously that this is something Cabinet will be considering.

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Not good enough Ash

Posted on 23-02-2021 15:15 | By Slim Shady

So we changed alert levels even though a dozen contacts had yet to be tested, because your gold standard tracing team had rung them and rung them but no answer? I thought you had the power to frogmarch them down the road? We need to get compliance to 100% or it could be the end for us all. This haphazard approach has been going on from the start. And the latest is that the Pullman outbreak was caused by poor ventilation and farts. So I sincerely hope that a ban on farting in public is the next thing on the list and will be strictly enforced. This is simply not good enough.

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