Two local shows and a sex toy battle

Dave Khan & Reb Fountain

It seems I’ve been on a bit of a rant recently; let’s return to regular stuff. Largely.

This week that includes: Reb Fountain in Katikati; a band with a name I can’t pronounce and a band with a name I can’t print in Tauranga; and Ringo Starr in a fight over sex toys...

First of all I advise music lovers who don’t currently live in Katikati to hop on the as yet unfixed road with the ridiculously low speed limit and head at a slow, safe speed to the Arts Junction next Sunday evening (July 11) where the Katikati Folk Club host Reb Fountain in concert.

Sorry if I go on a bit about the Katikati Folk Club, but I am blown away by the extraordinarily prescient nature of the committee and which artists they choose.

Because behind their unassumingly low-key facade obviously lurks a group with their fingers firmly on the country’s musical pulse.

I saw Tami Neilson at the club about a year before she really broke out. And Reb? Someone would have to have booked her a while back, probably before she was nominated for a Silver Scroll last year and three Aotearoa Music Awards. Certainly before her self-titled album won this year’s prestigious Taite Music Prize.

More awards

Perhaps I give those clever Folk Club folk too much credit. Reb cleans up pretty much every time she releases something. In 2018 she won the Tui Award for Best Country Album/Artist for her EP Hopeful & Hopeless, as well as the APRA Best Country Song for the title track.

But enough of such things. The bottom line is that Reb’s album of last year was simply breathtaking - outstanding in every way from writing to performance to production. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

With Reb comes Dave Khan, who has in the past couple of years become the go-to guy for accompaniment, whoever you are. It helps that he’s a multi-instrumentalist, playing most things with strings, which is why you might have seen him with Tim Finn, Marlon Williams, Tami Neilson, Delaney Davidson, Gin Wigmore or Don McGlashan. Oh, and Caitlin Smith when she was here last month. He gets called a lot, for good reason.

Doors open at 7pm, and the show is at 7:30pm. Cost is $20 door sales only and seats are limited to 100, so you might want to arrive early!


Coming back to town, there is a hardcore gig happening at the Hop House next Saturday (10 July) where Wellington noise terrorists Tuscoma lead a three band line-up.

With two albums under their belt and particular praise for last year’s Discourse, the band had to cancel European dates due to the pandemic but have bounced back by expanding their two-piece line-up to now include a bass player.

Also on the bill are the very heavy Abysm and a third band that shall not be named in a family newspaper.

Things kick off at 9pm, and again it is door sales only ($10).

And the story you've all been waiting for – Ringo and the sex toys! It turns out that for the last three years The Beatles’ drummer has been fighting in court to stop a sex toy. It’s part of Pacific Coast Holdings “Screaming O” range, which also includes the Swingo, The Big O and the Primo. Reliable sources tell me they sell by the million worldwide. As to what each does I leave that to your imagination...

And then there was the Ring O. Which upset Mr Starr.

Now Ringo has dropped his suit and the toys will go ahead under their original name, as long as there is a gap between the “Ring” and the “O”. The defendants have also agreed to “avoid any activity likely to lead to confusion” as well as promising not to “degrade, tarnish or deprecate or disparage” Ringo's name or image.

They also won't make any reference or innuendo, or include words or images that could associate their products with either the musician or his former band.

In return, Ringo has agreed not to register his own name trademarks in connection with adult sex aids.

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