Honeybadgers to support Tauranga charities

Honeybadgers (left to right): Megan Johnstone, Annabel Bayes and Bec Beale. Supplied photo.

Honeybadgers” might seem an odd name choice for a Giving Circle but there's also something quite catchy about it.

'When we started getting together as a group in 2019, we couldn't think what to call ourselves. I think someone just threw that name into the mix,” says Megan Johnstone, who is part of the group.

'Honeybadgers are a cool little animal but they are known for their fierce, tenacious qualities – which means they get stuff done! I guess the name kind of just stuck.”

The Honeybadgers Giving Circle was formed in 2019, when 12 local Mount Maunganui ladies started thinking about what they could do together to help those less fortunate in their community.

The Honeybadgers come from all different walks of life – lawyers, marketing executives, fashionistas and those who work from home – but they're all united in their desire to give back to their community.

'It's lovely to be a part of. I guess we're at the point in our lives where we can give something back, so it's a really good feeling to know that we are doing something that is going to benefit our local community in some way. And to be doing it with friends is great,” says project manager Megan.

With so many worthy causes to choose from, the Honeybadgers appreciate the guidance given by the Acorn Foundation when it comes to decision time.

'Each year we all pick a few themes and then we nominate three members to decide on the actual charities to give to. We talk to Margot and Lori from Acorn, who really know which charities in those areas need support.

'This year, we really wanted to focus on child and youth development, and anything to do with supporting mental health, particularly in areas like adolescent suicide prevention.”

After some deliberation, this year the Honeybadgers have decided to support Growing Through Grief, Youthline and Live For More – three deserving charities providing life-changing support to young people in our local community.

'My next job will be organising a lunch for us all to get together and tell the ladies about the three charities we're supporting this year,” Megan says.

'That's always a really nice get-together because we can explain why we chose those charities and then we pass the mantle onto someone else for next year.”

Our thanks goes to Megan and all of the Honeybadgers for their big hearts, community spirit and for living up to their namesake's reputation for 'getting stuff done”!

If you're interested in setting up a Giving Circle, find out more at www.acornfoundation.org.nz, or give us a call on 07 579 9839.


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