Tauranga civic precinct plans taking shape

Commissioners Shad Rolleston, left, Bill Wasley, Stephen Selwood and Anne Tolley (Chair) at yesterday's blessing.

The Tauranga community can expect to see a transformation taking place at a familiar downtown location in the coming months.

A blessing of the site, commonly known as the Goddards Centre, took place on Wedndesday morning, opening the way for the creation of a community hub that will house Tauranga City Council’s customer service centre and central library for the next four years.

The council facilities will move to the arcade between Devonport Road and Grey Street early next year, so the existing buildings at the civic precinct can be demolished.

On Wednesday, local kaumātua, Tamati Tata of Ngāi Tamarāwaho, led a small group, including the Commissioners, mana whenua, council staff and project team members, through the area providing a karakia to clear the way for, not only the works, but also the multifaceted future use of the site.

Commission Chair Anne Tolley says the blessing is a significant occasion.

“With this blessing from mana whenua, we now move another step closer to bringing to life a vision for the civic precinct that the community has told us they want.

“In the meantime, we look forward to seeing this temporary space transformed into a vibrant community hub that will help breathe life into this part of the city centre and generate much-needed support for the surrounding businesses.”

Commissioner Shad Rolleston says the council facilities will be based at the temporary location until 2025, when the first major phase of the civic precinct project is expected to be completed.

Shad says detailed design plans for the temporary space are almost finalised and will be shared with the community shortly.

“We have been working alongside mana whenua and the architects to ensure the plans reflect and respect the cultural history of the site in a way that brings life to community activity onsite.

“While only temporary, we see this as a great opportunity to create a space where everyone in the community can come together to access important council services, spend time learning and exploring, and feel connected with the rich history of our city.”

The fit-out of the temporary location will begin later this week and is expected be completed in phases. It’s expected that the customer service centre will be open by the end of January, followed by the central library in March.

Customer Services Manager Margaret Batchelar says the project team is working hard behind the scenes in preparation for the move.

“We are committed to ensuring there is minimal disruption for our community and will keep everyone updated as we get closer to our move date.”

Libraries Manager Joanna Thomas says careful planning is required so the library’s extensive collection of resources, books and taonga can be relocated safely, and easily accessed in the new location.

“We are excited to see the space come to life and are confident everyone in the community will enjoy everything on offer when we move the central library next year.”

About the wider civic precinct redevelopment project

Council and mana whenua, in association with Willis Bond and Studio Pacific Architects, are undertaking a refresh of the Civic Masterplan completed in 2017.

The refresh is considering community feedback received during the recent Long-term Plan process about the various activities and amenities people would like to see in the civic precinct.

The refresh is also needed to consider and reflect the significant cultural history of the whenua (land). In turn, this adds balance and richness to the look and feel of our city centre.

It is expected the refreshed masterplan will include places for gathering, learning, exploring, debating, entertaining and remembering the past, and include the possibility of facilities such as a discovery centre, library, museum, public meeting venues and open space, performance venue, conference centre and a hotel.

The refresh is expected to be completed later this year (2021) and reported to the Commission, along with a development timeline and funding and construction plan.

The first major phase of the civic precinct redevelopment will include a facility that will, at a minimum, house a new central library and community hub. Construction is planned to commence in 2022 and be completed in the middle of 2025.

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Another one in LALA LAND

Posted on 04-11-2021 22:55 | By Get our roads

Why are supposedly public leaders so dense. Tauranga is going to become a student hovel and homeless shelter, which I dont mind because people do need somewhere to live, and if its in vacant shop doorways down Goddard’s centre outside NEW Council premises than all the better. I hope they cycle there and dont get run over by all the people trying to get to Tauranga, the most vibrant city in LALA LAND. But wait, there’s more, because TCC hasnt kept up with 3 waters infrastructure over the last gazillion years, we could just leave our cars on the road and walk to where we want to go and get our cars later, by then the traffic may have moved a couple of inches, HAHAHA, you lot are awesome, NOT.

Love it

Posted on 21-10-2021 12:57 | By Slim Shady

Anne: Note to self - must not shake head when telling a whopper. Damn. “It’s got a nice cafe..” Err…anything else Anne? Is this what counts as a “vision” Anne? Another cafe in a world full of cafes. Tell you what - I’ll stick $5 in the parking meter so I can go for a nice coffee after running the gauntlet of drug dealers and layabouts. What are you trying to do Anne? Create the world’s most expensive coffee?

Ghost town comin

Posted on 21-10-2021 11:33 | By nerak

Can’t see it any other way, pretty new look and all. Anne still in her $1800/day la la land, all is right with the world, well, hers anyway. Be interesting to see how many security personnel will be needed in the new look Goddards arcade... Most of us have given up on downtown Tauranga


Posted on 21-10-2021 11:19 | By morepork

After reading your comment, I took another look at the video. All I saw was the usual insincere play acting that we have come to expect from Politicians. What did you see...?


Posted on 21-10-2021 09:12 | By dumbkof2

would be interesting to know how much the iwi were paid for this

@Yadick spot on body language

Posted on 21-10-2021 09:01 | By an_alias

Watch the clip and you’ll see Tolley indicate that NO ONE wanted this like normal (head shaking sideways). Basically more rubber stamps of what they want as everyone else is too stupid to see they are right.


Posted on 21-10-2021 09:00 | By Kancho

Have avoided down town and probably can see this continue with Cameron road works that will go on for many many months . The disruption to businesses along Cameron make it very unattractive to go shopping there at all. Buses won’t work force most of why I would go there. The proposed Cameron road will achieve nothing or make it worse like Greerton all over again. Huge disruption and cost with a worse result. Very sad place

Body Language

Posted on 21-10-2021 08:08 | By Yadick

Anne Tolleys body language throughout that clip was very tell tale. A story within itself. . .

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