Explosion-like noises reported around the BOP

The noise has been heard throughout the Bay of Plenty tonight.

A number of people are taking to social media tonight to report what they believe sounded like explosion noises around the Bay of Plenty.

Two people have messaged SunLive's Facebook to say they heard what sounded like huge booms.

"We and many others heard across the BOP. It shook our door and others houses too. What's happening?" says one reader in Ohauiti.

"There was a big one about 20 minutes ago."

People from Mamaku, near Rotorua, are also reporting the noise.

A number of different posts have appeared on the Mamaku Notice Board Facebook page describing a loud muffled bang "that made the house shake".

Some people say it may have been an earthquake, but nothing has been reported by GeoNet so far.

SunLive will provide an update when more information comes to light.

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Heard them too

Posted on 16-01-2022 12:21 | By NikInPahoia

Heard them from the hills above Pahoia last night too

Shock Wave

Posted on 16-01-2022 09:09 | By JRB

Yes, our windows rattled and there were several booms. We live 5k up Ohauiti Road. No coverage of it in any other media.

Why so little reporting

Posted on 16-01-2022 07:34 | By M@M

The explosions were really loud. Sounded like cannon fire. I thought it may have a military display. The last explosion shook my windows and I live in Te Puna


Posted on 15-01-2022 20:14 | By dracnz

wife and i keep hearing what sounds like explosions in pyes pa

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