Single vehicle crash on SH29, Kaimai Range

File photo.

There has been a vehicle crash on State Highway 29 on the Kaimai Range.

Police received a report of a single-vehicle crash about 12.40pm.

"It appears to be located on the Waikato side past the Kaimai Summit Lookout,' says a Police spokesperson. 

"Police are currently en route but at this stage there are no reports of any serious injuries."

At the scene? Phone 0800 SUNLIVE or email

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Posted on 17-05-2022 19:59 | By Get our roads

People just need to slow down, simple, it’s not a race track up or down the kaimai, impatient drivers and a lot of 4x4s and flash European cars boot it up the kaimai range and it’s time to put speed cameras up there and fine the lot. That will bring in some much needed revenue for the Govt. Put speed cameras all the way up and down there, no one should be driving over 60kmh up or down that bendy terrain no matter what vehicle you drive, total madness.

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