Te Puke highway works: road workers abused

The stop/go team is actively monitoring traffic to minimise delays when possible, especially between 4pm and 7pm, says Rob. File photo/SunLive.

Road workers have been verbally abused, and objects thrown at them by people travelling through the Te Puke Highway site this week.

Necessary work to stabilise the Kaituna riverbank got underway on Monday, this includes reducing the Te Puke Highway to one lane and putting in stop/go for up to three weeks.

As anticipated, the road works are causing some delays, however unacceptable driver behaviour has been alerted to the police and plans put in place for CCTV cameras to be installed, says Rob Campbell, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Regional Manager Maintenance and Operations.

"It has come to our attention our crew is getting verbally abused and objects thrown at them from disgruntled people.

"Our contractor is working hard to complete this work in the shortest time possible, and while we realise delays can be frustrating, this behaviour will not be accepted.

"Our key focus is to keep people using the road safe, but the safety of our crew on site is paramount. We understand Te Puke Highway is already experiencing travel delays late afternoon and early evening, but this work must be done now or there is a risk the road will slip away.

"We’re asking people who travel through the site to be respectful of the stop/go crew and be patient. This team is working hard to keep traffic flowing while the bank stabilising is underway. They also have the right to feel safe and to go home to their loved ones afterwards."

The stop/go team is actively monitoring traffic to minimise delays when possible, especially between 4pm and 7pm, says Rob.

"The alternative route is the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road and we have removed the toll on the westbound lanes (heading towards Tauranga) while this work is underway, between 4pm and 7pm weekdays."

The toll free period is to encourage anyone travelling from the west to use the Tauranga Eastern Link, by trying to reduce the traffic pressure on Te Puke Highway.

The toll free period runs until Friday, June 3, for westbound traffic only, between 4pm and 7pm, Monday to Friday.

"We appreciate delays are frustrating and thank you in advance for your patience."

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Worker abuse

Posted on 18-05-2022 13:53 | By CliftonGuy

Abusing these contractors, especially the workers is not on. However, it may be a reflection of the general driving public’s frustration, always seeing neverending roadworks signs, cones and speed limits with apparent no progress. Doing half a job is usually worse than no job at all.

Te Puke Highway road works

Posted on 18-05-2022 13:27 | By Sabines

I do not agree or tolerate to any form of abuse, but looking at the picture the poor guy stands at the most inconvenient place with his GO sign, right behind the sign advising to wash your car today. Commuters don’t look forward to a daily car wash. Again this doesn’t rectify any form of abuse!!!

Kind of sad...

Posted on 18-05-2022 12:40 | By morepork

... to see the general standards of behavior deteriorating to this extent. Venting your frustration on road workers is about as sensible as shooting the messenger when news is bad. I know we have to move forward, but I grew up in a gentler, kinder, time when people had respect for each other, and manners were instilled in children by proud parents.


Posted on 18-05-2022 08:47 | By Kancho

Anyone dealing with the general public will know that some are behave badly. Some very stressed out people who have no rational thought process or understanding. This is not just in traffic situations but almost everywhere a few have no respect. I would however express some comments on my last long drive to many many kilometres of cones and speed restrictions with no one on site work being carried out. I noted almost no one travelling at the specified speed as the road surface was often no worse than the no speed restricted areas. It’s not surprising that people can be a tad annoyed with strung out works and the long times works are in place and the apparent lack of progress. Seems we really lag behind other countries in this

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