Tauranga photographer‘s stunning Matariki photo

Photo captured by Amit Kamble/Exploring Night Sky.

Stunning images of Matariki in the sky have been captured on camera by Tauranga photographer Amit Kamble.

Amit, who shared his image on his Facebook page Exploring Night Sky, regularly looks towards the sky to capture amazing imagery.

Early this morning, he ventured out in the cold air to snap Matariki over Moturiki/Leisure Island.

"Mānawatia a Matariki (Happy Māori New Year) Every year in June, the Pleiades rise to the north-east and when they are visible just above the horizon at dawn it is considered Matariki, or Maori New Year. Matariki's about bringing people together for unity, for identity," Amit says in a post on his Faceboook page.

"There isn't a single person living in Aotearoa who does not descend from ancestors who used the stars to navigate, to tell time, to plant, to harvest.

"The cluster of stars serve a symbolic message to us all to come together and celebrate who we are.

"The nine stars of Matariki each have their own names and qualities. Some are recognised as male, some female, providing balance and strength for the collective.

"Above is an image of Matariki rising over Moturiki Island in Tauranga and what Matariki looks like in deep space. Also, share what Matariki is known to you in your language. In Hindi, it’s know as Kṛttikā."

New Zealand's first Matariki public holiday will be celebrated tomorrow.

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