Tauranga off-street parking fees set to increase

An increase in fees for off-street parking in Tauranga’s city centre will take effect from Monday August 1. Photo: SunLive.

After keeping parking fees low during the Covid-19 pandemic, Tauranga City Council is increasing fees for its off-street paid parking areas in the Tauranga CBD.

The changes, which will take effect from Monday, August 1 2022, are intended to help council cover the cost of providing car parking services in downtown Tauranga.

Tauranga City Council's Director of Transport, Brendan Bisley, says council has been keeping parking fees low following Covid-19 to support the recovery of the city centre.

“We’ve done our best to keep the cost of parking as low as we can but are at a point where we need to reflect the true cost of providing car parking and the supporting infrastructure.

“While we will continue to keep parking fees as low as we can, further increases are likely in future to fully cover costs.”

Free on-street parking for up to two hours remains in place in the CBD.

Further information about parking fees and where to park in the Tauranga City Centre can be found on the council's website.

Off-street car parks
From August 1 2022, parking fees will increase from between $1 to $2 per day at the following off-street paid car parks:

  • Dive Crescent

  • Cliff Road

  • Waterfront Strand

  • TV3 rooftop car park

  • Masonic

Parking buildings
From August 8 2022, parking fees will increase in council owned car parking buildings on Elizabeth Street and Spring Street from between $0.50 to $1 per hour.

Both parking buildings will remain free on weekends from 6am Saturday – 6am Monday and free on public holidays.

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Let's just kick us while we are down

Posted on 03-08-2022 16:18 | By WestieMum

Thanks TCC. Mortgage rates UP. Groceries UP. Petrol UP. Cost of everything UP. It’s a struggle to make ends meet as it is, so hey, let’s inflict more pain and make people pay more for coming into this dead city, especially those that have to work there who without us there would be no city centre - so let’s penalise the workers because we are nearly the only people that come in here! "Cover the costs"? More like make sure there’s some $$ for your pay increases! And the bus service is a joke and not an option for me, nor is the encouraged (ad nauseam) biking, so I’m stuck. Not sure what I’m going to have to give up to afford to do the job I love AND park.... Eat? Heat?


Posted on 02-08-2022 15:04 | By morepork

Thanks for your sensible comments. Peanuts apparently doesn’t use a car so anyone who does is an "idiotic driver" in his world view. The car you mention which drives around checking stay lengths; how does that work? Can I expect to get an invoice in the mail? There was no facility at the Strand end of Wharf street for me to pay for parking anyway. I figured I was just lucky (to find a park), along with a couple of other cars also parked there.

@ peanuts9

Posted on 01-08-2022 17:29 | By Yadick

You make two entirely different comments here. If someone is a regular poster on Sunlive how in the world does that make them an idiotic driver? I do however agree that the less idiotic drivers there are the safer it will be. How you determine this may need a peanut rethink. Happy days and drive safely.


Posted on 01-08-2022 11:25 | By peanuts9

I’m pleased so many of the regular anti-everything posters say they will not come into town again. The less idiotic drivers there are, the safer it will be for those who do not use cars.


Posted on 31-07-2022 15:56 | By Yadick

What has gone up in price that justifies an increase in parking $$$’s? @ morepork, they have a car that drives around automatically logging your time parked. Free parking with undercover parking and undercover shopping at Tauriko and at Bayfair. Shopping and browsing in clean and tidy comfort.

What's really sad about this...

Posted on 31-07-2022 14:14 | By morepork

...is that the very poor decisions being made will be with us long after the Commissioners are gone. I made an expedition downtown on Friday just to check out what’s happening. I parked on the Strand at the end of Wharf street then walked the block. Never saw a meter, so didn’t pay. There are still some good venues and restaurants but the lively buzz that used to be there is not so evident. I had a delicious meal in Wharf Street, but it is unlikely I’ll go back to the area any time soon. I can relate to Slim saying he won’t go there. Maybe, as things take shape and the Summer comes and the planned Waterfront develops, it will be worth another visit, but it is a pale shadow of what it used to be... at least at the moment. Difficult parking won’t help.

Parking costs

Posted on 31-07-2022 11:14 | By tia

It is obvious that Council roading staff are hell bent on turning the CBD into a ghost town with decisions like this. It’s all about shafting the public just to balance the books. Is it little wonder people shop at The Lakes, Fraser Cove and Bayfair where parking is free?

Ghost Town

Posted on 31-07-2022 08:41 | By Slim Shady

Whatever. They can charge what they like. Don’t go in. Never will.

Why Bother

Posted on 31-07-2022 07:41 | By Thats Nice

Why bother going to the CBD. Just reinforces peoples choice to shop elsewhere. A sad ghost town. Another great idea from TCC.

It's working

Posted on 30-07-2022 17:22 | By Kancho

A great plan to decrease travel within the CBD with Cameron road designed to slow traffic more only those who absolutely have to be in town will go there. Commissioners really doing their Green and Labour government agenda a great boost

Because $14.00 a day is not enough

Posted on 30-07-2022 15:54 | By Let's go

What a complete joke. This is why I will no longer come to work in the office or come into town. I can’t afford the parking. What a joke. Let’s hit our city the hardest when there is a cost of living crisis and Tauranga is the most exspensive city in the country to rent now let’s make it the most exspensive to park in too and drive everyone out of the city.

Ok well

Posted on 30-07-2022 13:31 | By Kancho

I stopped going to town a long time ago to park a car . The last bus trip into town was even more disastrous long waiting in an weather exposed Durham street with no seats, every tiring thirty five minutes. A short visit to Farmers took a couple of hours round trip what with more waiting for bus change in Greerton.

Yet another reason

Posted on 30-07-2022 12:23 | By fair game

for people not to come into the CBD. Well done TCC.

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