Bitching treats for those in need

Tauranga’s head bitch, Mary Norris. Photo: John Borren.

Real ‘good bitches’ get in the kitchen and bake!  And no it’s not derogatory or sexist – because being a ‘good bitch’ is an all-inclusive term.

This month marks the ninth year nationwide charity ‘Good Bitches Baking’ has helped those in need in the community by whipping up some sweet treats.

With 29 ‘chapters’, or branches across Aotearoa, the charity has more than 3000 GBs to its name. Tauranga’s head bitch Mary Norris says in the last 12 months our chapter of GBB has baked 360 boxes of tasty goods for recipient organisations. “That means approximately 4200 people have had a little moment of sweetness thanks to Tauranga GBs.”

Getting stuff done

So what exactly makes a person a good bitch? According to Mary “a good bitch is someone who gets stuff done, they see a need and they respond to it”. “They don’t need applause or gold stars.”

She says it’s a colloquial Kiwi thing and compares it to being called a “good buggar”. “Some people ask us if we want to change the name being a bit provocative but the name means that people have to pause to think about what we’re saying.

“What we’re doing is making these small acts of kindness and they go such a long way to making our communities a much nicer place for all kinds of people. Anyone can be kind and everyone deserves kindness.”

Near enough Nigella

The Tauranga Branch operates a roster through BMS – the Bitch Management System – and do their baking on Mondays. Mary says they’re always in need of volunteers and you “don’t have to be Nigella” in the kitchen to be a good bitch.

“If you’re favourite thing to make is a Weet-Bix chocolate slice then that’s perfect. A lot of us do make cakes and things but that’s because we like to bake anyway!”

Good Bitches Baking Tauranga is also proud nominees of spring’s ‘Good in the Hood’ – a Z energy initiative that allows the community to vote for a local charity to receive a share of $1 million.

“Good Bitches Baking will be one of the charities at Z Bethlehem…you can get an orange chip and put it into what organisation you think deserves a share of the money.” Mary says this runs from September 25-October 23 so get in and vote!

To find out more about Good Bitches Baking, visit:


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