National’s Scott Simpson leads Coromandel

Current Coromandel National MP Scott Simpson is in the lead with 43.4 per cent of votes counted. Photo: SunLive.


The National Party’s candidate Scott Simpson is currently ahead in the race to become MP for the Coromandel electorate, with 43.4 per cent of votes counted so far.

Scott has 15,683 votes so far, with Labour Party’s Beryl Riley on 4658 votes, and Pamela Grealey with 2630 votes.

If Scott wins the Coromandel seat this General Election it will be the fifth consecutive time he has won this seat – after winning in the 2020, 2017, 2014 and 2011 elections.

The candidates in the race are National Party’s Scott Simpson, Labour’s Beryl Riley, Green Party’s Pamela Grealey, Act’s Joanna Verburg, NZ First’s Caleb Ansell, NZ Loyal’s Ray Cobb and The Outdoors party’s Sarah TePou.

So far 27,630 of this electorate’s votes have been counted, with the current margin 11,025.

The Coromandel electorate is based on the communities of the Coromandel Peninsula, including Thames, Coromandel, Whitianga, and Whangamatā. It extends down through Waihi Beach, Katikati, and Matakana Island.

Scott Simpson (National Party) has won the Coromandel electorate in the 2020, 2017, 2014 and 2011 elections.

The winning candidate in the 2020 election, Scott Simpson (National Party), captured a plurality (45.6%) of the 46,532 valid electorate votes cast for candidates in the Coromandel electorate, with a margin of 3505.

With 43.4 per cent of the votes counted, the Coromandel Preliminary Count is:



ANSELL, Caleb  1757

New Zealand First Party  2768

COBB, Ray  925

New Zealand Loyal  579

GREALEY, Pamela  2630

Green Party  1962

RILEY, Beryl  4658

Labour Party  5448

SIMPSON, Scott  15683

National Party  12616

TEPOU, Sarai  118


VERBURG, Joanna  1550         

ACT New Zealand  3321


Animal Justice Party 30


Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party73


DemocracyNZ  50


Freedoms NZ  54


Leighton Baker Party  17


New Conservatives  15


New Nation Party  17


NewZeal  127


Te Pāti Māori  149


The Opportunities Party (TOP)  240


Women’s Rights Party  17

Candidate Informals: 279

Party Informals:   147

TOTAL: 27,600

TOTAL: 27,630



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