Mauao base track defibrillator unit missing

The AED - Automated External Defibrillator - on the Mauao base track. Photo: Supplied.

The Automated External Defibrillator unit has gone missing from the Mauao base track.

“But we haven’t been able to locate the AED unit since.”

Exceed We Fix Windows & Doors donated and maintain the AED units on Mauao in 2020 – one on the base track and one near the summit. They replace pads and batteries when required.

Prior to Exceed’s donation of the two defibrillators, there had been 31 cardiac arrests requiring an ambulance recorded in Mount Maunganui during 2019.

There were two cardiac deaths on Mauao on December 15, 2019, and January 18 2020.

The AED - Automated External Defibrillator. Photo: Supplied.

The benefit of the AED is that people without a medical background are also able to use the machine in case of an emergency.

The units assist the first responder with real-time feedback and CPR assistance.

To help someone who is in cardiac arrest effectively, a defibrillator needs to be found as quickly as possible.

For every minute it takes for the defibrillator to reach someone and deliver a shock, their chances of survival reduce significantly.

Use of an AED within 3-5 min of collapse can increase the chance of survival by up to 44 per cent.

The locations of the AED units are at the junction of Waikorire and Oruahine track at the top of the stairs, and along the base track, however the AED on the base track is now missing.

“We would love to get it back so it is available to the community in the event of a cardiac arrest if needed,” says Melisa.

'We need help from the community to find the missing device. Having access to AEDs or 'heart starters' in the community is critical and survival rates can be doubled by stepping in quickly with CPR and using an AED," says General Manager of Exceed, Tony Burnette.

 If you have any information on the AED's whereabouts, please contact either Exceed We Fix Windows & Doors team on 0800 25 25 00 or Tauranga City Council on 07 577 7000.

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It beggars belief...

Posted on 30-11-2023 12:28 | By morepork

...that ANYONE could be so stupid, selfish, and short-sighted to think they can make a few bob on a unit like this. This is a much more serious crime than the petty larceny it appears to be on first glance. This is putting lives at risk and should be treated with equivalent seriousness and penalty. I'm not a vindictive man, but I would suggest that jail time for this should be mandatory.

Low life!

Posted on 30-11-2023 17:28 | By Ben Dover

What sort of vile excuse for a human being would steal this life saving machine? I agree with morepork. Jail is the rightful punishment.

Low Life

Posted on 01-12-2023 14:29 | By Yadick

2 excellent comments about the stinking low life scum that would steal a life saving device. If this costs a life and the absolute scumbag their is caught then they should be charged with murder as the have deliberately and maliciously turned off life support.
Just go and put it back in the middle of the night you thieving low life and no one will see you and that way you won't have to man up.

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