SH29A to close Wednesday and Thursday nights

Road contractors working on State Highway 29A on Monday. Photo: NZTA Waka Kotahi.

State Highway 29A between Barkes corner and the Oropi roundabout will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday nights this week, says NZTA Waka Kotahi.

"The tomo is nomo – but NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi advises that State Highway 29A will need to close overnight tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 14 and overnight Thursday, February 15 to finish repairs."

SH29A will be fully closed between Barkes Corner and Oropi Road Roundabout from 7pm - 6am both nights to complete a side drain, berm works and manhole connections to the new culvert.

Motorists are advised to allow extra time for detouring.

Southbound traffic is advised to turn left onto Cameron Road, right onto Maleme Street, right onto Oropi Road and then return to SH29A.

Northbound Traffic is advised to turn right onto Oropi Road, left onto Maleme Street, left onto Cameron Road and then return to SH29A.

Road contractors working on State Highway 29A on Monday. Photo: NZTA Waka Kotahi.

"The team will need to return for an additional night, at a date to be advised, to complete the final surfacing and address any damaged seal.  The public will be notified once this work has been scheduled.

Appearance of a tomo

On Friday, February 9, an NZTA maintenance team noticed a small hole in the left hand lane heading from Barkes Corner to Oropi Roundabout.

On investigation a large tomo or cavity was discovered under the road, and the agency closed that section of SH29A for emergency road repairs.

The highway reopened in time for peak hour traffic on Tuesday morning after roadworkers worked through Monday night.

The four-metre deep and four-metre wide hole was at least 11 metres long, stretching across the width of the road.

The cavity under State Highway 29A between Barkes Corner and Oropi Roundabout. Photo: NZTA Waka Kotahi.

NZTA say the hole was caused by the failure of a stormwater drain which likely occurred some time ago. Water leaking out eroded the land under the road.

Roadworkers worked around the clock to replace 38 metres of stormwater pipe, which required them digging up the whole road as can be seen in photos.

They’ve now backfilled the trench and are rebuilding the road.


















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Way to GO NZTA!!

Posted on 13-02-2024 14:25 | By OG-2024

What a great bunch of people! Not only did they spot the warning signs they acted promptly and effectively and achieved a great result!
Infrastructure needs maintenance which local, regional and national (ironic huh?) government all need to realise and act accordingly!
Just imagine if these commissioners from Tauranga were on the job....
1. open eyes to just how big an issue this is.
2. Set up a working party to deliberate on the required actions to take and get the road repaired.
3. Fail to consult ratepayers, just slap it into spending and ignore any feedback.
4. Call everyone in your roladex to get funding... don't worry how expensive a fatality from the Tomo could be.
5. Call in council road workers to remedy the Tomo and stormwater pipe... oh S**t there was a stormwater pipe as well?? back to one....
Meanwhile Cameron road............ $$$$$

@ OG

Posted on 15-02-2024 11:06 | By Yadick

You started your comment very well but I was bitterly disappointed by the ending in that you forgot to include all the road cones.

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