Motorbikes seized following Paeroa gang tangi

Paeroa tangi checkpoint. Photo: NZ Police.

Multiple motorbikes have been seized as Police had an increased presence in the Waikato town of Paeroa on Tuesday for the tangi of a Waikato-based gang member.

A contingent of gang members travelled from across Waikato, Auckland and Bay of Plenty to the Hauraki Plains town on Tuesday morning to attend the service that took place at a local marae.

Operation Commander and Waikato West Area Commander Inspector Will Loughrin says Police carried out checkpoints and conducted high visibility patrols through the community during which a number of motorbikes and vehicles were seized from gang members and infringements issued.

Police also had aerial support from the Police Eagle helicopter.

Motorbikes seized by Police from riders on their way to a gang tangi in Paeroa on Tuesday. Photo: NZ Police.

"Our expectations have been made very clear, we have zero tolerance for any anti-social, unlawful, or driving-related offending," says Inspector Will Loughrin.

"Police will continue to take enforcement action where offending is identified.

"Everyone in the community has the right to be safe and feel safe and we ask you report any unlawful behaviour to police on 111 if it is happening and 105 after the fact."

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Posted on 21-02-2024 10:06 | By Let's get real

At last... A morale boost for our police. They are able to free one arm from behind their backs and actually deal with criminal behaviour.
Time to see more prisons being built.
I don't imagine that I'm the only person that doesn't care if prison works or not, I want to know that the toe-rags are kept away from our homes and families, rather than walking around with a fitbit on their ankle.
Time to see the recruitment of our youngsters by these oxygen thieves slowed by time away from the community.

Thank you

Posted on 21-02-2024 12:49 | By Justin T.

Thank you National for returning some authority back to our Police Force.
Here's hoping that the punishment will properly suit the crime.
How's about taking all their motorcycles off the road until they are brought back to the legal standard we all have to abide by, including, especially, the maximum allowable
exhaust decibel level of 97. Silence once and for all one of their intimidation practices.


Posted on 21-02-2024 15:31 | By overit

Need them out here Eastern BOP. Cops are useless, Tribesmen, Dirt Bikers. Tangis are bedlam, kids riding on utes, hanging out windows.

Well Done NZP

Posted on 21-02-2024 17:06 | By Tonka

Well done New Zealand Police, let me know when you have a police auction and thank you National, please keep it up. 👍👍👍.


Posted on 21-02-2024 22:31 | By The Caveman

How about you dig a little deeper !! Where do the GANG members get the $$$$$ to "buy" and customise these $20/30 THOUSAND dollars motorbikes.

Use the "proceeds of crime act" - "how did you pay for the bike?"

NO answer / evidence - IMPOUND the bikes ??


Posted on 22-02-2024 23:45 | By hexsayer

no patches in public? so youre apart of a MC - motorcycle club, you only see a cut/vest/patch.. no patches in public = no supporting sports clubs, businesses, logos/labels/phrases, and police uniforms allowed in public as they all display some form of embroidered insignia?
white collar crime hurts many more people than weed or meth (because the former still isnt decriminalized) ever did. The government dont care about us, get real.

@ Hexsayer.

Posted on 24-02-2024 16:35 | By Justin T.

Yes white collar crime is very damaging but the gangs have no respect for anyone in legitimate authority. Violence, murder and dragging in strays of society to boost their numbers are a far greater threat to society!
Take a close look at what you're condoning.
If it wasn't for society (that's people who have common decency, morals and ideals) the gangs would be running this country like the mafia. Their Patches, Rider Numbers, Road habits and Motorbike exhaust volume are part of their psyche to be as intimidating as possible so they feel powerful not powerless. They believe in numbers, can't handle one on one and if they feel on the wrong end of an argument they resort to weapons. You don't get that from any sporting club holding an insignia.

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