Carve it up with canoe slalom

Emily Nagel of Matamata spins her boat to manoeuvre between gates 10 and 11 at the Wairoa Race last weekend. Photo: Rob Sperling.

Riding the competition high after crashing through white water and rapids, Canoe Slalom Bay of Plenty is hosting a ‘Give it a go’day so you can try this adrenaline-filled water sport for yourself!

Kaimai Canoe Club last weekend hosted its Wairoa Race, with 40 kayakers with paddles and helmets at the ready. Sprinting down the river through grade five whitewater, Michel Uhl from Okere Falls came out on top, breaking the course record with a time of five minutes 56 seconds. 

Now the canoe slalom action continues this Saturday, February 24, at Waimarino.

“It’s a fantastic outdoor sport with a great community,” says Canoe Slalom BOP co-chairperson Tim Rex.

So what skills does it take to do canoe slalom?

Charlie MacDougal of Hawke’s Bay turns through an upstream gate at the Wairoa Slalom race. Photo: Rob Sperling.

“Just come along, jump in and start! So the skills you need is the ability to give something a try.

“You can do it at the level you choose to do it. So you can take it as far as you want and you can get huge adrenaline rush. It’s competitive at the top levels but you can just do it for fun as well.”

The Canoe Slalom ‘Give it a go’ day runs 2pm-4pm Saturday, February 24, at Waimarino, Taniwha Rd, Bethlehem.

Bumper Boats goes next level as two kayakers fight it out on the Roller Coaster rapid during the Wairoa Extreme Race at the weekend. Photo: Rod Hill.

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