Police raid: Meth, cannabis and guns found

Drugs seized in Matamata search warrant. Photos: NZ Police.

A 45-year-old man is facing various charges following a police raid in Matamata.

Matamata Police executed a search warrant at a Gladstone Road address and located approximately 302.44 grams of methamphetamine, cannabis plants, and drug utensils.

A 45-year-old man will appear in Hamilton District Court today, on a variety of charges, including possession of methamphetamine for supply and cannabis cultivation.

Tuesday’s search warrant followed a previous search warrant last Thursday of an address on Old Te Aroha Road, Okauia, where a 34-year-old man now faces drug cultivation and firearms charges.

Eastern Waikato Area Commander, Inspector Mike Henwood says this is an example of some of the great investigative work the Matamata Police have put in to reduce offending in the local area.

“We know drugs such as methamphetamine cause significant harm in our communities, and fuels family harm and dishonesty offending.”

“Unsurprisingly, where there are hard drugs there are illegal firearms and it’s great to have another firearm out of the hands of criminal offenders.”


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Posted on 03-04-2024 17:38 | By Let's get real

A 45 year old is still involved with drugs.
I was told years ago that the New Zealand male population doesn't grow-up until they are 30 years old.
Obviously, for some it never happens. And I guess, with increasing gang numbers, it may become an ever increasing problem for our beautiful women.
There are options... But long stays, past breeding age, in state funded secure resorts was ruled out by the last government.

Fear not Let's Get Real

Posted on 04-04-2024 15:43 | By Bruja

Anyone involved in the world of drugs, particularly meth, doesn't live long or keep their freedom long.
Our police are simply legends for allthe 'busts' they've been making. ALL power to them!

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