A celebration of faith and community

Members of the Gurudwara Kalgidhar Sahib Tauranga invite all to the Sikh parade in Pyes Pa. Photo: John Borren.

There’s anticipation ahead of the inaugural Vaisakhi parade to be hosted by the Sikh temple at Pyes Pa.

The temple, named Gurudwara Kalgidhar Sahib Tauranga, on Cheyne Rd was established in 2000 – and this is the first time its application to council to hold festivities to mark the occasion has been successful. 

Community social worker Sangeeta Sharma says there’s growing excitement.

She expects the celebration to be attended by Sikhs from throughout the country in traditional outfits, taking part in singing, music, prayers and religious plays.

“We’ve extended an open invitation to people from all cultures to come celebrate with us,” says Sangeeta.

“We have about 700 people expected to join us on the day.”

The new Khalsa order of the Sikh religion was created in 1699.

It was founded by the tenth guru, Gobind Singh.

Sangeeta says the anniversary is being commemorated on Saturday, April 13, with a parade winding along the streets of Pyes Pa.

“Vaisakhi is traditionally a spring harvest celebration primarily in the Punjab state in northern India.

“It’s still an important day in the religion throughout the country and easily one of the most colourful celebrations on the Sikh calendar,” says Sangeeta.

Rolling road closures for three hours from 11am-2pm on Saturday, April 13, will affect traffic on the parade route from Cheyne Rd, Annandale Drive, Galloway Crescent, Fairfax Crescent then on return to the temple along Cheyne Rd.

Sangeeta says anyone who has difficulty walking is welcome to follow in a car.

Refreshments will be served both during the street parade as well as during lunch in the temple afterwards.



Posted on 13-04-2024 11:21 | By Let's get real

Please make your announcements earlier... I would have made other arrangements and attended.

Sorry I missed this...

Posted on 13-04-2024 12:34 | By morepork

... didn't know about it until reading it here just now. We should encourage all of our ethnicities and followers of belief systems to express themselves publicly, at least once a year. When people interact peacefully and genuinely seek to understand other cultures, the result can only be a positive outcome for all of us. Support the traditions and language of your ethnicity and keep it alive within the community, but do no harm to others who do not accept your beliefs. And remember that all of us are Kiwis... one people. I hope the Sikh celebration is colourful and delicious and wish you all well.

Wonderful Parade

Posted on 13-04-2024 16:27 | By ARRC

My son lives on Cheyne Road and invited us down to watch the parade. What a wonderful experience, colour, music and singing , lots of happy faces and lovely people. as spectators we were given cans of lemonade etc, and lovely fresh fruit. Everyone saying hello and waving as they went past. Congratulations on a spectacular and well organised event. Just sorry there weren't more people out watching. but thankyou we enjoyed it.

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