Community gives input on Cathedral Cove options

A slip at Cathedral Cove. Photo / Chris Twemlow, Department of Conservation.

The Coromandel community is taking taken up the opportunity to discuss the reopening options for Cathedral Cove with the Department of Conservation (DoC).

The walking track to Cathedral Cove beach has been closed since February last year when it was damaged by extreme weather events. The beach can still be accessed via boat.

DoC recently announced a range of options for the reinstatement of walking access to the beach.

To discuss those options with the community, DoC hosted drop-in sessions in Whitianga and Hāhei last weekend where people were able to complete a survey.

DoC Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki regional director Tinaka Mearns says the sessions gave staff further “valuable insight” into the views of the local community, who continue to have “significant interest” in the future of the site.

In Whitianga 19 people attended, while 56 people attended the Hāhei session.

“Many of the people attending were particularly interested in the details of the walking reinstatement options we presented; the trade-offs between long- and short-term reinstatement options were key themes discussed,” says Tinaka.

“As well as the recent introduction of the traditional Ngati Hei name Mautohe into the project, the role of and the department’s relationship with Ngati Hei was also topical for many people attending; the history of the site was something people wanted to discuss with our team.

“We also had people asking about wider conservation issues, including wildlife and biodiversity protection; perhaps reflecting that people saw these sessions as an opportunity to discuss a range of conservation-related topics with DoC staff.”

A map detailing the track closures around Cathedral Cove.

Tanika says a number of people who attended the sessions took away physical feedback forms and staff is still working through the submissions.

The online feedback portal was also still open. Those wanting to share their views can do so via until June 21.

“We’ll leave that online portal open for a few more weeks so people can continue to share their views, and people can also send their feedback to

“We’ve already seen some very detailed feedback, including local community groups presenting combined submissions; so far we have 90 written responses, which we’re now collating and analysing.

“Our focus now switches to providing advice to the Minister of Conservation; we’ll make an announcement on the walking reinstatement option as soon as possible.”

-Waikato Herald.


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