Mould outbreak at Council HQ

Tauranga City Council has this afternoon confirmed it is dealing with a sick administration building after an outbreak of mould.

Officials admitted that representatives of Worksafe NZ and the District Health Board have been on site after several council employees complained of illness related to their workplace.

Tauranga City Council's Willow Street headquarters.

Sources told SunLive that council staff have been suffering from rhinitis – an irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane. Common symptoms are a stuffy and runny nose usually triggered by air born allergens.

And just hours after SunLive raised the issue with the council, they called a press conference to publicly discuss the problem.

TCC have confirmed that 35 members of staff had to be relocated after mould was discovered at their Willow Street headquarters.

Two areas of the council's administration building were tested and subsequently confirmed for mould and staff were moved to meeting rooms elsewhere on Friday.

Sources described “contaminated” areas of the building, and employees who suspect they might have been infected by their work environment have been asked to report their condition to team leaders.

Other employees have suffered unusual bouts of ear ache, headaches and respiratory problems. And people who normally wouldn't get sick started going to the doctors with “awful flus and bronchitis”.

The council this afternoon admitted it is seeking specialist advice on the health impacts of the mould.

Meanwhile the rest of the administration building is being tested.


1000 words

Posted on 08-01-2015 11:26 | By YOGI BEAR

Well that is just to many to cope with, a bit like the ramblings of Janet Wilmshurst, just to many fact and to much evidence to cope with so she edited out everything that did not fit with what her paymasters had written for her.


Posted on 06-01-2015 16:42 | By YOGI BEAR

Says a 1000 words ... but I guess that is where the problem is now isn't it.

Simple simply beyond Robin

Posted on 06-01-2015 15:12 | By YOGI BEAR

The article says the door is "Sealed" but "obviously" the white jacket person is wandering through and it is open. I would have thought you could have seen that because it was SOOOOO simple, oh silly me. here is me thinking you would see white as white and black as black ... but in fact black and white you are clueless about.

Right on Penguin,

Posted on 31-12-2014 09:00 | By robin bell

Is it any wonder yogi bore gets things so wrong? All summed up from a photo,any chance taken to rubbish each and all. The Sultan of Whinge, Tauranga's one and only political activist. Dead in the water yet again. Robin Bell.

Come on Penguin

Posted on 23-12-2014 16:22 | By YOGI BEAR

This is all high drama, take a look at the other article here, look for the photo with the orange cones, tell me that all of this is realistic, there is one entrance into the car park and everyone is working elsewhere. Add to that, if the mould was as remotely bad as they hint then why is the red tube from the bottom not closed in? Why is the guy in the car park area not wearing breathing gear? Why is there still some people in the building, why was this not acted on years ago when first known of?

@Bill Gibson-Patmore

Posted on 19-12-2014 12:16 | By penguin

I could not agree more with your excellent, factual statement about the dangers of black mould and the actions being taken by management. I have been through a similar situation and it is no joke in any way, shape or form. It is sickening to see the comments made by utterly ill-in formed, cynical and biased individuals who have used the situation as a chance to take cheap shots at the council staff. Maybe these sad critics could volunteer their services to rid the building of mould. But, hark; I hear the sound of feet running away...oh such brave souls.

Spring sniffles?

Posted on 18-12-2014 12:53 | By YOGI BEAR

So that has become almost an epidemic for no apparent realistic reason in any shape or form. Bottom line here is that TCC staff obviously want a new building, the best way to do that is condemn the current castle so as can build another. If they just asked then the answer would of course be "NO".

Source of teh Mould?

Posted on 15-12-2014 22:04 | By YOGI BEAR

What crack did this ooze from and who was the unfortunate who found it?


Posted on 15-12-2014 20:44 | By YOGI BEAR

"Harden up" is a bit harsh you know, they are only soft pasty milk white bureaucrats who have been hibernating endlessly in the warm closeted environment that they have become acclimatized to over many decades. Throwing them out into the real world will be a server shock and as a result most will perish unless some other sucker outfit takes them in. I would have to recommend a full TCC retreat out of the CBD via Route K and hope that the armada will be able to cross Route K and pick them all up and take them all away to NZTA.

Staff awards required

Posted on 15-12-2014 20:16 | By YOGI BEAR

DCM's or DCB's all around I say. bring it on ASAP so as everyone is clear about the result required here.

Wet dank dark places?

Posted on 15-12-2014 20:11 | By YOGI BEAR

I see that there were 550 odd now 205 less , that will reduce the spread of the mould as nearly half the propagators have left the building. There will be no preference for who is siting wet spots anymore.

Dear Bill

Posted on 15-12-2014 19:58 | By YOGI BEAR

If there was an opportunity for the senior executives to be imprisoned then us ratepayers need to do all we can for that to happen. Please point out the manner and means to execute that very good plan.

Callous & Cynical

Posted on 15-12-2014 01:11 | By Bill Gibson-Patmore

Honestly! I am struggling to believe that such a large group of contributors (regular commentators among them) can be so simple & cynical, only because a Council-owned property is beset with mould issues. .. Be ashamed of yourselves! . PEOPLE are at serious risk here! EVERYONE has a (legal) right to a SAFE working environment! . People can DIE or be seriously handicapped by mould effects. . As an employer (on behalf of ratepayers) the Council has a legal responsibility to maintain safe working environments for its STAFF and others. . The foolish folk who suggest "harden up" etc. would also be upset if Council did nothing, "hardened up" and was then prosecuted for worker endangerment! Fnes are massive & executives imprisonable! . Don't expect Council to NOT take this seriously! Bill Gibson-Patmore

New Building?

Posted on 14-12-2014 12:39 | By YOGI BEAR

That is really what is on the agenda here, to get a new one ASAP before the muppit Councilors realise that they are being hood winked.

Report says

Posted on 14-12-2014 12:38 | By YOGI BEAR

Mould in the wall cavity is normal as it is a dank, wet, dark place. No problem until it is opened, so do I guess that a seat warmer has fallen off their perch and made a hole in the wall or something so then the nose or something as sucked in the bugs available?

ROCCO wrong numbers

Posted on 12-12-2014 16:29 | By YOGI BEAR

They are putting 40-50 odd out some where (Pasture I hope) out of the 550, it should be the other way around. leave 40-50 there and pasteurize the rest. Results then: no mould, no deadwood, no waste, no debt, no rate hikes, and most importantly, a complete lack of nefarious thinking between 9-3 most week days.

Do us a favour put it in Lockdown Mode

Posted on 12-12-2014 09:18 | By ROCCO

Every time I go near the place it makes me feel sick it is a toxic environment with mouldy mission statements and venomous outcomes for TCC Ratepayers.The problem is too many staff reduce 550 to 350 and they might be able to breathe some fresh air and reinvigorate the brains for a change. City Hall needs a total cleanout in more ways than one the culture in the place is endemic.


Posted on 12-12-2014 08:48 | By YOGI BEAR

Direct result of moisture, no fresh air, consequence damp and stays that way.

Walking or slithering?

Posted on 11-12-2014 09:08 | By YOGI BEAR

Around, the mould does reflect the state of play, all on the job wakl away and pat themselves on the back for a good job done before, during and afterwards. Really who ever made this mess got paid 'huge' ratepayers money so should have to remedy the mess. Why should ratepayers have to pay to fix it "again". This looks like the Mount Hot Pools all over again, third attempt last month to fix the phailed mess, plumbing, heating and more.


Posted on 10-12-2014 18:27 | By Powa2daPeopl

Beware the land and all which it belongs shall have its vengeance upon the tyrants of oppression.

Walk away

Posted on 10-12-2014 18:20 | By Johnney

Spray on 30 sec and walk away Building inspectors walk away Architect walk away Builder walk away Ratepayers money walks away It's got a familiar ring to it !!!

Toxic Environment

Posted on 10-12-2014 17:55 | By FunandGames

we always new council was a toxic environment. It now looks like MOLD is being blamed for the politically toxic environment.

No surprises

Posted on 10-12-2014 15:49 | By Bronzewing

If it is "new" building then the contractor who built it walked away after over a decade of trying to fix the leaks. Note the architect who designed it quit practicing not long after the place was built. When the hat was put on it where the chambers are a monumental cockup occurs that caused the ceiling to collapse under the weight of rainwater pouring through. A hole was drilled through the old roof before the windows were installed. The A/C guys always said there was not sufficient drainage from the units to get rid of the condensation due to the large amount of cabling that is in the ceiling space. But of course there is nobody in management who knows this so another report will be commissioned and more dollars consumed. Both building have been hacked around over the decades that they bear no resemblance to the original designs

How about hardening up??

Posted on 10-12-2014 14:44 | By Annalist

My guess is that you'd find mould pretty much anywhere. You find it at home, you find it on fruit, you find it in vehicles. Doesn't seem to affect me and I just get on with my job.

Another solution?

Posted on 10-12-2014 09:20 | By big ted

Send all the "shiny bums" home to ework. Rent out the top floors and the ratepayer wins for a change!


Posted on 10-12-2014 08:57 | By whatsinaname

totally agree . open some windows instead of relying on air cond.

Wet and Forget!

Posted on 10-12-2014 08:09 | By Mackka

Spray a bit of 'Wet and Forget' and get on with the job. Guess tens of thousands will be spent now on some fancy remedy - or how about a complete rebuild? The mayor can have his own secret rooms for meetings with the likes of Stephen Town and the various begging Maori Iwi.


Posted on 10-12-2014 06:38 | By Capt_Kaveman

some windows or this is caused by the lack of proper ventilation, the past councils blunders will take sometime on coming right and they not even started yet

Well, Well.

Posted on 10-12-2014 06:30 | By Robert

Where does mould live? eh nice warm humid places. What have we done to houses and offices. Made them into nice warm humid places. That's what the do gooders want. Well no wonder we have mouldy houses and mouldy spaces.

Code of compliance process

Posted on 09-12-2014 22:56 | By YOGI BEAR

Must be defective, to much heating, no fresh air, bad design, hopeless use of products. All these things add up to a large mess that the ratepayers will get slugged for. I bet it all got a code of compliance not problems ....

Mount Hot Pools refit #2?

Posted on 09-12-2014 22:54 | By YOGI BEAR

This has all the look of another massive blunder previously coming home to roost. Mount Hot Pools had it with a recent refit because before it failed and cost ratepayers $4.5m. The Council Chambers are the same, to many blow hard occupants and not enough fresh air in the place ... how can anyone sort of even get slightly surprised.

Mould creators

Posted on 09-12-2014 22:52 | By YOGI BEAR

The prime cause is buttock rash, this is cultivated by overheated seat warmers occupying the same space way to long and never moving. The Non-moving means that it over heats to a point where the conditions are perfect for a posture related explosion. At that point the nasty's are then airborne. They are all then available to repeat the process by simple floating about until they land on the next seat of the next seat warmer. The new arrival is then set to pollinate, reproduce and do it all again.


Posted on 09-12-2014 22:48 | By YOGI BEAR

Agree, all that fancy stuff is always a failure. What they need is a simple corrugated 1/2 round shed out next to Route K. Good air flow up the valley, every now and then a wave will go through and wash the place out properly, sounds a perfect solution.


Posted on 09-12-2014 22:40 | By groutby

It can't possibly be an approved building by there own inspectors, as they used (at that time) a different company (under the guise of) the TCC, so, from a financial and legal aspect, they bear no responsibility at any concerns re. "man (sorry,person) killing mould" running wild is the sole responsibility of the ratepayer...who would have guessed it eh?...

A leaker

Posted on 09-12-2014 18:33 | By Johnney

Bet it is a leaker but of course they would of had their own inspectors sign it off. If not a leaker then it's condensation. Result of fancy architecturally designer extravagance.

Harden Up!

Posted on 09-12-2014 17:45 | By JMF

Soft, pampered lot need to harden up! How many ratepayers have to live with mould in order to be able to pay their rates!! Get real!

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