Local Elections


Gillian Cook

A big concern of mine is for our elderly residents. Adequate home help and health care is a major issue for them. It's too easy for councils to say health care provision or the 'coal-front' is not their business. Councils need to show accountability and all community issues deserve supportive attention. Sometimes a simplistic approach is needed to cut through the complex layers of governmental systems. Councils, through Local Government New Zealand, can and must take on more responsibility by speaking to central government on behalf of citizens and ratepayers.

My careers include business, driver training, journalism, communications and aged care. I've reported on numerous environmental hearings and council meetings. I stand and believe in long-term solutions, preferably with multiple beneficiaries, question conformity, welcome diversity, request thorough research, search outside the square for solutions and choose to see the best in people.Phone: 544 3678 or email: gcook05@gmail.com


Rosie Dawson-Hewes

I'm a proud local who champions our city and people. I am married and live in Mount Maunganui.

I run my own successful business, having also worked in banking, management and journalism. I am young, creative, intelligent and innovative. I will bring these strengths to my work in council.

Why am I standing?

I care about Tauranga and for the future of our city and its people. This is a key time for us to create the city we want. We can do great things together.

What will I deliver as your councillor?

- Fresh, creative thinking, and new, cost-effective ways to meet our needs

- Decisions that value the environment and consider our impact on it

- A focus on private sector partnerships to deliver the cultural and sports amenities we deserve

- Innovative housing solutions


Bill Faulkner

It's time to do something to rein in the big spending proposals at City Hall.

Non-core, nice to have infrastructure has to be drastically pruned and proposed rate increases, severely reduced.

Specifically if you put me back in there, I will move to stop the ratepayer funded museum now and I won't support rates increases above the level of inflation.

I'll  also start my politically incorrect column up again to let you know what's really going on at City Hall. 


Murray Guy

Community FIRST.

My principal place of Residence and birth place, is Tauranga City.

I will hit the ground running, with proven independent and responsible governance experience, with a focus on integrity applied consultation, democracy.

Available to work in your best interests.

Accessible by phone, email, Facebook.

Approachable to meet at your place or mine.

Advocate – I will listen. speak out, support you first.

I believe in transparency in decision-making processes and meetings. Community inclusion in all major planning processes with no predetermination or manipulation, such as the museum. Projects must be prioritized, essential and affordable.

Present rate and debt increases proposed are unacceptable, irresponsible, and avoidable.

Transport corridors must be prioritised, to include all commuting options, walking and cycling off road where possible.

Bureaucratic barriers to economic development must be minimised and our ratepayers must start to benefit from growth. Community first.

Find out more, comment, at www.facebook.com/MurrayGuy.Tauranga/


Talia Harvey

Time for change!

I bring common sense, kindness and a positive can-do attitude.

I'm strategic, futuristic and motivated by results.

As a Chartered Accountant - I am keenly aware of the need to encourage growth while mindful of costs.

I am keen to see a Tauranga that is enjoyable for all, starting with:

* Infrastructure that is fit for growth

* Traffic solutions

* Positive alternatives for our homeless

* Economic and Social welfare

* Affordable and effective recreational attractions

I have 10 years' accounting experience, working closely with both financial information and policy, last year winning a national tax policy competition.

I'm actively involved in the community, attending a local church; opening my home to those displaced due to the housing crisis and volunteering as the lead cook at the weekly Arataki Community Meal.  I have four school-aged children and a property in Omanu.

Vote for me for a friendlier flourishing Tauranga!


Yvette Lamare


As a TCC Councillor and a 2017 New Zealander of the year 'Local Hero' medal recipient, I would like to continue my passion of improving our community, by providing genuine integrity in all I do and say with total commitment and respect in supporting our people in the community for a better future in every way possible.

I have strong leadership skills, am methodical, reliable, vigorous, extremely community-minded and am a spirited lady.

I long to see stability, security, balance, a happy and healthy medium for all.

Please appreciate it's in my veins to see an enormous decrease in Drink Driving, Drug and Alcohol addiction, mental health, suicide, crime, violence, poverty, homelessness, sexual and child abuse.

I want the very best that life has to offer for each and every one.

Your support is valuable.


Sheldon Nesdale

"Fix Our Traffic!"

You'll find 31 solutions to our congestion problem on my website: www.IAmListening.co.nz

Who do we need on council?

Someone who is passionate about families, who thinks about the future and the legacy we will leave behind.

Someone who cherishes our elders, and understands the value of our youth.

Who wants a council that provides excellent value for money, that is open, transparent, and inclusive.

Has business acumen, communication skills, and above all is a good listener.

Someone who has already read thousands of pages of council documents, and visited over 5500 homes to connect with people and listen to their ideas and concerns.

Who is known for injecting fresh ideas, taking action, and leading teams to achieve remarkable results.

Vote for Sheldon Nesdale.


Doug Owens

A vote for focus and direction.

With a proven record of financial management, business development expertise and a history of public service, my objectives for TCC are:                                                                                                                      

* Influence forward thinking change within the TCC service culture.

* Sound financial management and reporting.

* The delivery of efficient consenting, planning and development outcomes.

* Drive operational costs down.

* Proposed rate increases of up to 30% reflects years of sloppy management and must be reviewed to fully understand the overspend to take steps to rein this in, before applying more capital

* The recent withdrawal of glass recycling services speaks volumes about Councils lack of understanding about a most serious environmental challenge – Waste Management solutions are high on my agenda.

* Review extending facilities and ramps for our boaties and harbour users.

My life experience and pragmatism will deliver the action you expect from your Council.


John Robson

Councillors must balance aspiration with affordability. Council's draft budget, with 40% rates increases and debt of almost $1 billion, fails that test.

Councillors must prioritise infrastructure. Proposing an extravagant museum, when our roads are grinding to a halt, and recycling is going backwards, fails that test.

Councillors must make smarter choices. My term on Council, where I chaired the Finance and Risk Committee, delivered a significant increase in infrastructure investment while lowering debt and controlling rates.

Councillors must keep their promises. I promise to balance aspiration with affordability. prioritise essential infrastructure, and make smarter choices. The record shows, I keep my promises.

Long-term plan hearings start the week the new Councillor is sworn in. I've spent the last 18 months following the discussions and decisions of Council, and regularly meeting with Councillors. I'm ready, with your support, to start work immediately.

For more information, go to www.johnrobson.nz or e-mail john@clearthink.net


Peter Stanley

Mt Maunganui has been my home since 1970. After completing a fitter/turner apprenticeship with AA Edwards, Sulphur Point, Tauranga, I joined the Merchant Navy, as Junior Engineer, attaining the rank and position of 1st Engineer.

I have long had an interest in local government politics. I hold strong views on Tauranga City Council's priorities, particularly when it comes to spending ratepayer money.

If voted on to the council, I would work to limit rating increases to no more than the yearly rate of inflation, get the congested motorway system sorted out, and push for more fiscal responsibility. Reduction of council debt would be a priority.

I am opposed to the building of a museum without first seeking majority consent from the ratepayers (unless Council can find alternative funding for the construction and ongoing operating costs). I also think the proposed replacement of the fit-for-purpose, 30-year-old downtown public library is unnecessary.


Mark Wassung

Our family live in Maungatapu, my wife and I are life/work partners, 12 years in our own architecture business with branches in Tauranga and Hamilton.

I stand for planning future growth carefully with economics in mind, inner city living/intensification, infrastructure provision and creating a quality transportation network of trains/buses/ferries/cycling/walking - accessible for all.

We need debate on innovative ideas for Rubbish/Recycling and Minimisation of Waste for a healthier City. As a Registered Architect for 22 years, it's given me experience with different cultures, contexts and ages, enabling development of personal qualities of innovation, budget control and clear communication. Honesty, uprightness and integrity are family foundations. I support community-led engagement and respect the opinions/needs of all. I feel that with my experience, passion and creativity, combined with your help, we can ensure Tauranga is a leading city and sustainable for future generations. Join me, Tick Mark Wassung.