Punishing the Vulnerable: Coalition's Cruelty

Green Goals
with Josh Cole

In a society where compassion and empathy should prevail, it is disheartening to witness the relentless assault on the most vulnerable members of our community.

By evicting state housing tenants without providing viable alternatives, you are effectively pushing them towards homelessness.

This callous approach will undoubtedly result in a proliferation of poverty and trauma within our already marginalised communities.

We must shed light on this issue and demand a policy change.

The Undeserving Poor: A Flawed Narrative:

In a display of clickbait politics and a lack of evidence-based decision-making, there is an attempt to define a category of undeserving poor individuals.

By doing so, they conveniently ignore the profound consequences of poverty on these individuals and their families. State housing tenants, who are already grappling with financial hardships, are now being targeted.

It is a cruel and unjust move to punish these individuals for struggling to pay rent, especially when the policies of this government are reducing benefits, reducing access to disability aids and the incomes of struggling households.

Poverty as a Political Choice:

Let us not forget that poverty is not an inevitable outcome but rather a political choice. During the campaign, we demonstrated that it is possible to alleviate the burden of homelessness by constructing 35,000 new healthy and affordable public houses over the next five years.

Access to housing is not a privilege; it is a fundamental right that enables individuals to reach their full potential, establish stable incomes, and provide for their families. To truly address poverty, we must focus on building more houses and elevating all incomes to livable levels.

The Erosion of Progress:

Over the past six years, significant progress has been made in building up our state housing stock and treating tenants with dignity. However, the recent policies enacted, completely undermine these efforts.

With skyrocketing rents and unreasonable expectations placed on those living below the poverty line, it is unrealistic to assume that they can withstand the cost pressures and discrimination prevalent in the private rental market.

We must recognise that everybody deserves a home, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Housing as a Basic Human Right:

The denial of housing to any individual based on deemed unworthiness only exacerbates homelessness and perpetuates social deprivation. We must prioritise building more homes instead of solely benefiting landlords. Housing is not a commodity; it is a basic human right that must be upheld.

Ending the Politics of Punishment:

The policies of punishment must come to an end before they inflict irreparable damage on communities that have historically been let down by successive governments. It is time for a paradigm shift towards a more compassionate and inclusive approach to supporting those in need.

By prioritszing the well-being of the most vulnerable, we can build a society that truly values and uplifts all its members.

As concerned citizens, it is our responsibility to speak out against the merciless policies and ill-treatment of the most vulnerable members of our society.

By evicting state housing tenants without providing alternatives, they are perpetuating a cycle of poverty and trauma. We must advocate for the construction of more affordable, healthy public houses and the elevation of all incomes to livable levels.

It is only through these actions that we can ensure everyone has access to a home, regardless of their circumstances. Let us unite in demanding change and putting an end to the Coalition of Cruelty.




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