Emergency shelter flown to White Island

The New Zealand Defence Force has airlifted a 2.4-tonne shipping container to volcanic White Island near Whakatane, to provide visitors an emergency shelter in case of an eruption.

Air Component Commander Air Commodore (AIRCDRE) Darryn Webb says an NH90 helicopter from the Royal New Zealand Air Force's (RNZAF) Ohakea-based 3 Squadron shifted the six-metre container to the island from Whakatane Airport, about 50km south.

Helicopter Loadmaster Sergeant Sam Riordan surveys White Island during a reconnaissance flight.

The container was placed on an old mining site to provide a natural protective barrier in case of a volcanic eruption.

'We are pleased that we have been able to help address what has been a long-standing concern of communities as well as police and emergency management authorities in the Bay of Plenty and Whakatane areas.

'The airlifting of the container is the latest example of how the NZDF assists our communities and other government agencies.”

NH90 captain Flight Lieutenant James MacKenzie said the airlifting task was the latest demonstration of the NH90's range and lift capacity.

NH90 captain Flight Lieutenant (FLTLT) James MacKenzie says the task was the latest demonstration of the NH90's range and lift capacity.

'It is important to our training that we get to lift large and heavy loads that challenge the range and lift capacity of the NH90. A task like this prepares us to conduct more complex tasks when we go on operations, whether it is humanitarian assistance and disaster relief or stability and support operations.

'It also gives us another opportunity to operate with personnel from the Army's 5 Movements Company, who assisted in preparing the load.”

White Island is an active volcano that is visited by over 10,000 tourists every year. It fluctuates through periods of increased and reduced activity, and last erupted in April.

An NH90 helicopter from the Royal New Zealand Air Force's 3 Squadron yesterday lifted a 2.4-tonne shipping container to volcanic White Island near Whakatane, to provide visitors an emergency shelter in case of an eruption.

Clinton Naude, the Director of Emergency Management Bay of Plenty, saysthe shipping container will help ensure people have a safe area to go to in the event of a volcanic eruption or an emergency event.

'The container will also be used to store safety gear, spare clothing, food supplies and emergency and rescue items.

'We have been working closely with GNS Science, New Zealand Police, other partner agencies and tour operators for some time to improve the safety of visitors to White Island. The placement of a container is another step towards ensuring we are better prepared for an event which may impact visitors.”

The RNZAF introduced the NH90s into service in 2013 to perform a wide range of roles in New Zealand and overseas. With sophisticated systems and greater capacity, the NH90 is able to carry up to 19 passengers or undersling artillery in support of combat operations.

The RNZAF has used the NH90 helicopters for search and rescue missions, transport for military and government personnel, and lifting of equipment while also maintaining a counter-terrorism response.

In June, it shifted a 1.7-tonne Department of Conservation hut sitting on an active slip in Marlborough to safer ground.

The helicopters confirmed their ability to support a humanitarian aid operation on their first overseas mission in Fiji early this year, when they provided a critical link between the main population centres and outlying islands devastated by Tropical Cyclone Winston. Almost 160 hours of relief missions were flown by the NH90s during the seven-week operation.


What the...

Posted on 11-08-2016 14:08 | By Alquro

So if it goes up, they expect everyone to get into a big steel box? Or should say oven?


Posted on 11-08-2016 17:33 | By How about this view!

Does this make sense? If there is a significant risk of harm or death why are we transporting tourists into it? Having been there myself, I wouldn't particularly want to "Hole-up" in a metal box with the sulphurous gases that are emitted daily. Maybe this is just an easier way to retrieve the bodies if something should go awry?

How long

Posted on 11-08-2016 19:25 | By usandthem

will it take for the sulphur gases tocorrode and seize the hinges on thecontainer,preventing it from beingopened?Must have been thought up fromsome office waller.

Just think...

Posted on 12-08-2016 02:31 | By GreertonBoy

If there is an eruption and everyone gets in the container.... One day, alien archaeologist might find the container and open it like a big sardine can.... and think that must have been what humans ate? lol I agree... why take tourists there? They might end up poached, not poachers?

Great use of a container

Posted on 12-08-2016 08:18 | By The author of this comment has been removed.

If the said container was from Rena, it was recycled. However, sadly it will now only last a matter of months in the sulphurous environment. No thought gone into this one!


Posted on 12-08-2016 09:38 | By Me again

for the sake of, off the track tourist. How about putting some of those containers up for homes somewhere. They can be done up nice azz. Leave the volcano alone.

Will it have

Posted on 12-08-2016 21:32 | By Merlin

Will it have emergency rations toilet facilities and air conditioning of some sort as it may be many days before any one can go on the Island for a rescue attempt depending on how long the eruption will last.Some may require there medications back on the mainland if there too long.Not well thought out.


Posted on 13-08-2016 16:58 | By Rabbit's Bro

Many of those comments are not as silly as they sound. There is the issue of explosion and poisonous acidic gases, and of course corrosion. Perhaps it could be encased in concrete. to cut down on the damage to locks etc,.As long as rescue is very close at hand and it is easy to get at for the most infirm, and contains some form of compressed breathable air or Oxygen., It will be a lot better than a hard hat. As long as some idiot does not plunder it, as humans are so often want to do for amusement.


Posted on 14-08-2016 17:52 | By fletch

Who in their right mind thought of that idea. Been doing alright for all this time without it. But I suppose its one less container down at sulpher point

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