Mount urban space officially named

City Council elected members have voted six to five to adopt an official name for the new urban space, located in the heart of the Mount retail area.
The space will be titled Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka (The Place of the Circling Birds).

The new name was provided by Ngai Tukairangi and Ngati Kuku. Council has been working with local iwi and hapu since 2016 about the concept design of the new open urban space in the Mount, and invited iwi to provide a name for the park.
The name refers to the fishing traditions of the local people who were guided as to where to fish by birds circling above. The concept of circling birds is appropriate, given the new open space will be a place where people will gather, meet, socialise and eat.
“This urban space has never been formally named. As part of our ongoing discussions with iwi, we asked them if they wanted to have input into the name for the park," says City Council Deputy Mayor, Kelvin Clout.
“Naming this high profile site Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka promotes both Te Reo Maori and local history, providing an opportunity for visitors and residents to connect with the cultural history of Mount Maunganui."
Elected Members were asked to approve the proposed name, Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka, on 20 November. Elected Members wanted to hear the views of the local community about the name.
The total number of people who completed the online survey was 1042. Of that, 285 were in support of naming the space Te Papa o Ngā Manu Porotakataka, and the majority of the remaining 757 respondents thought it was too long.
“We considered the community’s concern about the length of the name. We expect that over time a shorter name will be unofficially adopted by the community”, says Kelvin.

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@ Sage

Posted on 20-12-2018 23:26 | By Ian Stevenson

Phoenix carpark it is and shall remain regardless of the stupid garbage ex TCC chambers.

@ mlangdon

Posted on 20-12-2018 23:24 | By Ian Stevenson

Oh look.... there is another herd of pigs flying by.....

@ beefhooked

Posted on 20-12-2018 23:22 | By Ian Stevenson

That would be the best suggestion possible, of course TCC Councillors will never go for that.


Posted on 20-12-2018 15:30 | By Kero

Typical of this Council. Try talking to the residents of Farm St. about the bus interchange. Again no consultation with the residents just forged ahead

From the Mayor

Posted on 20-12-2018 11:13 | By Maryfaith

I requested the names from the Mayor this morning of the way the councillors voted: They are in the public domain - here is the result: "The information is public so I can answer your question without reference to the Act." The voting on the name Te Papa O Nga Manu Porotakataka was – FOR: Molloy, Robson, Baldock, Mason, Clout, Curach AGAINST: Brownless, Morris, Grainger, Brown, Stewart

No surprises there

Posted on 20-12-2018 08:51 | By The Sage

So the Council consulted with Iwi and then came up with this name. They then asked people what they thought, having already made up their mind. No surprises there. I was one of the 757 people who said it was too long. Also the name has no significance to visitors. Kelvin Clout states that over a period of time a shorter name will probably be adopted. That being the case why on earth label it with this monstrosity of a name in the first place? I will continue to say "meet you at the Phoenix carpark. "

Try to give benefit of the doubt but....

Posted on 20-12-2018 08:44 | By jed

These councillors and the mayor should be turfed out for arrogance. That name is absurd. Saying people will shorten it anyway is even more absurd, because it admits fault with the name.

The name?

Posted on 20-12-2018 07:05 | By Hugh Janis

After being down town yesterday, I am less concerned about the name and more concerned about the sight of the park. This was original promoted as a ’green space’, then an ’urban green space’ now ti is simply an ’urban space’ and it looks like a poor attempt at a concrete Frank Gehry.

Non IWI?

Posted on 20-12-2018 01:54 | By Centurion

Whatever happened to the term ’pakeha’? Or NZ European? I object strongly to being described as non iwi, just as I object strongly to being treated as a nobody when it comes to Council’s actions on matters which affect all of us, not just a small minority. Go ahead, hit me with the racist nonsense which seems to follow any criticism of inequality in our society. We are all equal, but some are more equal than others.

SORRY, Phoenix Park - 60 years ago -

Posted on 19-12-2018 22:27 | By The Caveman

And as far as I am concerned it will always be Phoenix Park, and I suspect will always be Phoenix Park for at least 75% of the "long term locals". The 25 letter "new name" will NEVER FLY!!!

Phoenix Park

Posted on 19-12-2018 20:45 | By MissyJ

As per usual TCC ignores what the majority want. Prepare to be voted out in the next elections. Oh, and you can be sure no one will be using the long winded Maori will always be The Phoenix.


Posted on 19-12-2018 19:15 | By mlangdon

So the Council have absolutely ignored the majority, what nonsense, who will even know how to pronounce that ridiculous name, and to suggest it will be shortened, imagine to outcry from the IWI. What happened to our democracy where the majority get listened to. Maybe the IWI will pay for the development and the ongoing upkeep.


Posted on 19-12-2018 17:50 | By Dismayed

I’m simply going to call it "Car Park"

Mr Clout

Posted on 19-12-2018 17:48 | By beefhooked

Mr. Kelvin Clout said above "We expect that over time a shorter name will be unofficially adopted by the community". How about "Phoenix Park"?

Circling Birds??

Posted on 19-12-2018 16:34 | By Bestlife

They could well be buzzards looking for the Councillors who voted for this expanse of concrete (instead of a green space) and those who voted for the name which more than two thirds of the respondents didn’t want!!


Posted on 19-12-2018 15:23 | By Merlin

Were non IWI given the opportunity to provide a name for the park I wonder?It was obvious the survey was just to show some public consultation which was not going to have any notice taken of it anyway.Councils Ugh!

Tossers the lot

Posted on 19-12-2018 15:03 | By Chookymac

Tossers seems to meet the make up of this TCC we have.As a long term resident of Tauranga-Mt Maunganui area (1953 we came) and have seen some very respectful people elected to council.I would love to have heard what the late Bob Owens comments would have been. I and would expect sooo many locals would be ashamed at what has come about and I would expect a real toss out of the so called council members come election time

Ask for opinions late and...

Posted on 19-12-2018 15:02 | By If only

in typical council workers mode, it would appear that this was all set up to go (with little if any consultation) !. Once there was a sniff of public concern a quick ’public submission’ was called for by elected members to hear our views... why ?. Of course it was a foregone conclusion, they were never going to listen to the majority of submitters who overwhelmingly said the name was too long !. Even deputy Kelvin admits we’ll all use an abbreviated name in short time. What a waste. Long live Phoenix park !!!

Power for the Course

Posted on 19-12-2018 14:55 | By Taffy

Why bother asking for people’s view, 75% said it was too long and still six of these numskulls vote to instigate the change.Please Sun Live publish details of who voted for/against,You only have to read Kelvin Clout’s comment "We considered the community’s concern about the length of name" Somehow I don,t think it got too much consideration. Just remember councilors it is elections in 2019!


Posted on 19-12-2018 14:55 | By usandthem

bother asking for local input when all they need to do is go with what the iwi want,that seems to be the norm with every decision that the council has to make.

The 'Dizzy Limit' !!

Posted on 19-12-2018 14:45 | By Maryfaith

So, once again the decision was made without any consideration as to the wishes of the majority! 757 against 285! Easy to see who lauds it over the ’spineless six’. I guess the mayor had the casting vote!? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sick! Ethnic bias alive and growing in our city! Some call it Racism’!


Posted on 19-12-2018 14:22 | By nerak

looking forward to our new broom, Marty, maybe you can curtail nonsense like this, and pause to reflect on why such as this has gone ahead when 757/1042 thought the name was too long. It is. Please watch your staff closely.


Posted on 19-12-2018 14:15 | By

Why bother asking us to vote when the majority result was totally ignored. A case of we did but had made our minds up anyhow.....

Park Area

Posted on 19-12-2018 13:33 | By Denny G

What a "crock of sh**t " Why do we have to have a name change ? What’s wrong with the name "most " people know it as. Who, except the few who speak Te Rea will know what area we are talking about and how many NZ’ers will know how to pronounce the name ?

Well that's a surprise..(not)

Posted on 19-12-2018 13:17 | By Border Patrol

So once again the council have ignored the majority in favour of a minority. I don’t know why they ask for community feedback, because nine times out of ten they ignore it and go ahead with their own agenda anyway.


Posted on 19-12-2018 13:05 | By My Bit

What a joke I bet not many (if any) will even attempt to say it PC bulls*** to keep the peace

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