Car on fire after collision with tractor

The car and tractor collided on the Te Puke Highway. Photos: Mark Donny Rogers and Andrea Harrington

A car and tractor have collided south of Te Puke this morning, with the car then bursting into flames.

Police attended a report of a crash between a car and a tractor on Te Puke Highway about 8.40am. The car then caught on fire.

Fire and ambulance services are also at the scene.

The road is partially blocked and the driver of the tractor has received moderate injuries.

It is understood that the occupants of the car are uninjured.

SunLive readers report that the road was initially blocked following the crash, with traffic at a standstill.

At the scene? Phone 0800 SUNLIVE or email

Photo: Andrea Harrington

Photo: Mark Donny Rogers

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Posted on 13-01-2020 18:59 | By Mighty mouse

Well if you band tractors from the rd how are farmers ment to cross the rd to feed there cows. If the contactors carnt get to do there jobs the cows wont get feed then you wont get milk or meat and lots of other things. Tractors like truck are big and can only pull over so far. Yes they go slow but they have a job to do. Most people are to busy on there moblies txting etc insead of looking at the rd to whats going on thats why there so many crashers theres nothing wrong with the rd it people on there bloody phones witch is more annoying than tractors i would rather be stuck behind a tractor than some clown on there mobile


Posted on 13-01-2020 09:50 | By dumbkof2

recently i passed a tractor on a main highway going in the opposite direction. there were 45 vehicles backed up behind it.


Posted on 13-01-2020 09:45 | By dumbkof2

well sonnyjim if the tractors could at least keep up with traffic on the roads it would be ok. roads are made for vehicular traffic not farm implements

I tend to agree Dumkbkof

Posted on 12-01-2020 17:39 | By GreertonBoy

However, car drivers need to drive to the conditions and one possible condition of driving on country roads is the possibility of encountering stock, either sheep or cows, horses either loose or ridden... and even pedestrians. Yes, tractors on the road can be a nuisance, but if a farmer has to move his tractor (or stock) between his property via a road running through it, then it would be very unfair to ban him from doing so. Motorists simply need to get their eyes off their phone and prepare for the unexpected and if this means slowing down or actually having to LOOK out of the windscreen whilst driving... then so be it (please).

Unknown circumstances

Posted on 12-01-2020 16:39 | By SonnyJim

@dumbkof2 - lets get some facts before assuming the tractor driver was in error. My own experience with road-legal main-road tractors is 90% are watching for safe pull-over areas. They have every right to be on the road - banning them is a nonsense strategy.


Posted on 12-01-2020 12:09 | By dumbkof2

its time these slow moving tractors were banned from the roads. i have been stuck behind these things on numerous occasions in a long line of backed up traffic. 90% of the tractor drivers dont pull over to let traffic pass

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