Quickfire questions for Chris Luxon

National Party leader Chris Luxon’s favourite ice cream – Phish food. Photo: John Borren/SunLive.

What do we know about Chris Luxon – not the politician, but the bloke?

Well, we all know he's got his eye on the biggest office in the executive wing of The Beehive.

We know he wants to be Prime Minister of this nation of 5,185,288 million people.

But what about the prosaic things like favourite ice cream. And would his choice influence your choice on Election Day – Saturday, October 14?

The Weekend Sun's Merle Cave sat down with Chris Luxon when he swept through town recently. And she scratched just below the surface with 10-quick fire questions to find out what makes him tick. The would-be Prime Minister was happy to play the game.

So we can reveal Chris Luxon always opts for a tub of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream when the craving demands. Perhaps not a political choice with the brand being American?


Phish Food – chocolate ice cream, gooey marshmallows, caramel swirls and chocolate fish. Just the name is calorie intense.

His choice of favourite meal he shares with Garfield, the comic strip cat with an obsessive eating love of lasagne.

'Yes, lasagne cooked by my wife and daughter,” says Chris.

He's slavering at the thought. A more melancholy leader of the party remembers his fondest childhood moment.

'Spending time with my grandparents in Christchurch – as a five-year-old, learning to read with my grandfather.”

Favourite movie? 'I've just watched ‘The Tender Bar'” It's about a boy growing up on New York's Long Island.

'He seeks out father figures among patrons at his uncle's bar. Really cool – would recommend it to anyone.”

And ‘The Blind Side' – the story of an American footballer who overcame an impoverished upbringing to play in the NFL.

Yup. The man on the right of the political spectrum is right-handed, his favourite subject at school was history, and when asked what sort of animal he'd like to be, he is stumped. 'Pass.” Perhaps a cuddly panda bear?

National Party leader Christopher Luxon. Photo: Merle Cave/SunLive.

How does he relieve the stress of a top political job?

'Me, the kids and Amanda listen to a lot of music.”

Then he likes to get into a T-shirt and shorts and do a bit of boating and fishing.

'I try to have a lot of fun in my life, positivity, a lot of friends, good family and good colleagues.

'I take my job seriously but I don't take myself seriously.”

It is, he reckons, a good way to live life.


Then some soul-searching – one thing people don't know about Chris Luxon and he'd like them to know? 'I care deeply about New Zealand and New Zealanders. And I want everyone to flourish, that is my motivation.

'They deserve a shot at the Kiwi dream, whatever that is, and I want them to flourish.”

Then the opposition leader wanders out of Sun Media courtyard, probably in search of some Phish and the serious prospect of maybe running a country.

Thanks for playing the game Chris.


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