Winston speaks, vows to ‘keep them honest’

Winston Peters on election night. Photo: Supplied.

With 56.9 per cent of votes counted nationwide, NZ First party leader Winston Peters has made a speech to supporters at the party’s main function at Duke of Marlborough in Russell, Bay of Islands.

National has secured 40.9 per cent of the votes – and 51 seats in the house. ACT has secured 26.07 per cent of votes – and 12 seats in Parliament. The two parties can govern comfortably together – without NZ First.

Labour has 26.07 per cent of votes – equating to 33 seats – and the Green party has 10.38 per cent of votes – equating to 13 seats, while Te Pāti Māori has 2.51 per cent of votes – equating to four seats.

Speaking on TV1, Winston Peters says in great democracies the people who are elected and all of those officials “must be held to account”.

“Our premise it to keep them honest, and to raise the roof when others won’t raise a finger. And  I can promise you – that’s what New Zealand is going to get out of tonight’s election where New Zealanders are concerned.”

Peters thanked his candidates and their spouses and families for what he says can be a difficult job that “creates enormous sacrifices for families”.

“So thank you for trying and hang on – because the next election is 2026, we’re going to be ready for it.”

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