Act’s Cameron Luxton to be a List MP

Cameron Luxton at ACT party election night event in Auckland. Photo: Supplied.

Cameron Luxton is heading to Parliament as a List MP on the back of ACT New Zealand’s success in tonight’s General Election.

With 74.4 per cent of votes counted across New Zealand, ACT New Zealand has won 9.2 per cent of votes – which equates to 12 seats in Parliament.

National has 40.09 per cent – which equates to 51 seats – and with ACT's 12 seats, would have 63 seats and could govern together.

With Cameron listed as number 11 on ACT NZ’s party list, he gets to head to Wellington.

Speaking to Sunlive tonight, Cameron says he’s very happy with the result and thanks ACT NZ’s supporters.

“It’s a heavy responsibility to be ACT’s list member for the Bay of Plenty area at large – and I’m very happy ACT has performed well tonight and increased our polling from last time [last election].”

“I’m extremely proud of Brooke Van Velden getting Tāmaki [in Auckland] – and I’m very happy with how ACT’s performed.

Does the result give him a good mandate to be a voice for the Bay of Plenty?

“Yeah, I really hope that I can do everybody who got me into Parliament proud. I’m a boy from the Bay and have spent my life living in the Bay, farming and building.

“And Wellington needs a voice representing the people of the Bay of Plenty to stick up for them – and that’s what I hope to do.”

Cameron says he’s not a poll-watcher, but that it looks like the country has spoken.

“It certainly looks like a change is coming – and ACT is going to be part of making sure it is real change.”

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