Luxon: ‘You have voted for change’

National Party leader Christopher Luxon. Photo: Ricky Wilson/Stuff.

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has come out at his party’s election night headquarters in Auckland, saying that on current numbers “it looks like National and ACT will be in a position to form the next government”.

Currently with 92.3 per cent of results counted National has won 39.36 per cent of the vote – equating to 50 seats – while ACT NZ has 9.09 per cent of votes – equating to 11 seats.

Labour has 26.58 per cent of the votes, the Green Party has 10.70 per cent of the votes, NZ First has 6.44 per cent, and Te Pāti Māori has 2.55 per cent.

To form a government at least 62 seats in total – sometimes 63 – are needed.

Speaking on TV1, the National Party leader first thanked his supporters and team and then talked to New Zealand.

“Thank you so much, thank you so much team, and thank you NZ – because from all over your country, this great country, you have reached for hope and you have voted for change.

“And I am immensely proud tonight to say on the numbers National will be in a position to lead the next government....

“Our pledge to you is that National will deliver for every New Zealander. Because we will rebuild the economy and deliver tax relief. We will bring down the cost of living. We will restore law and order. We will deliver better healthcare. And we will educate our children so that they can grow up to live the lives that they dream of. And that’s what we will deliver.”

Luxon says earlier this evening he took a call from Labour Party leader Chris Hipkins conceding the election.

“And I thanked him for the call and thanked him for serving NZ as Prime Minister and I wished him well as it’s obviously a tough night for Labour – and I want to acknowledge that.

“I also spoke to ACT leader David Seymour. I congratulated him on his own win in Epsom and ACT’s result. And there are many votes still to be counted but on current numbers it looks like National and ACT will be in a position to form the next government.”

Earlier, Labour leader Chris Hipkins talked to his party’s supporters, via TV1, conceding the election.

“We have run the biggest ground campaign, knocking on doors and calling on phones, that we have ever run. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much.

“Unfortunately the results tonight show that that wasn’t enough. Earlier this evening I called Christopher Luxon to congratulate him on National’s results.

“While it’s MMP and the numbers will probably move around a bit before the final count, as it stands Labour is not in a position to form a government.

“The result tonight is not one that any of us wanted. But I want to you to be proud of what we achieved over the last six years. Because despite governing through the biggest challenges our country has ever faced, we kept NZ moving forward and we protected those who needed help the most.”

Stay tuned for more election updates on Sunday.

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