Rehabilitation work for No. 1 Road pending

No. 1 Road in Te Puke. Image: Google Maps.

Te Puke residents are being asked to hold on a bit longer for works to permanently widen and rehabilitate one of its busiest roads to improve safety.

No.1 Road is currently too narrow in parts for the volume and type of traffic in the area, which prompted Western Bay of Plenty District Council to earlier approve the partial reconstruction.

Council’s Senior Transportation Engineer Calum McLean says the upgrades are a priority, but so too is minimising disruptions.

“We know how important this stretch of road is for neighbours, and for the wider Te Puke community. We don’t want to add any more frustrations, or cause any more disruptions, than necessary.”

At the front of our minds is the upcoming kiwifruit packing season in March 2024. It’s important our orchardists and teams can do what they need to without the interruptions of works. For that reason, we will only undertake minor works during this period.

“Our crews and contractors will try to complete some works this summer, but we anticipate the bulk will be completed next spring and summer, once the kiwifruit season has been completed.

“We are also keen to keep working with neighbours who will be impacted by this project, to ensure they are able to go about their lives with as few disruptions as possible.”

Council completed six weeks of works on the road to ‘hold’ the pavement until pavement reconstruction is completed.

This included heavy patching - digging up the uneven surfaces and laying asphalt – to smooth the road surface and reduce the risk of potholes.

Regular inspections will be undertaken, and asphalt patching will be applied as needed to ensure the road remains fit-for-purpose.

In August 2023, Council’s Projects and Monitoring Committee agreed to spend $3.2 million, over two years on widening and rehabilitating middle sections of the popular route.

Councillors also approved work to lower the road at the intersection with Cannell Farm Drive, in preparation for future extension works to join the two roads together.

“Before we can launch into this important work, we’ll be firming up stormwater discharge plans too. This includes applying for a discharge consent from Toi Moana Bay of Plenty Regional Council,” explains Calum.

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