Preparing the city’s contenders

Tauranga City Council chief executive Marty Grenfell says the Candidate Information Evening is to provide opportunity for prospective candidates to understand what they can expect as mayor or a councillor. Photo: supplied.

Tauranga City Council is hosting an information evening this coming Monday, February 19, to help prepare people who are interested in standing as elected members in the city’s first Local Body Elections since 2019.

With the Commission appointed by the previous Government coming to an end this July, the city is set to elect a mayor, eight councillors for the city's eight general wards – and, for the first time, a Māori councillor for the new Te Awanui Māori ward. 

The new council’s term will run from July 2024 through to October 2028, and this extended term will create a unique opportunity for the incoming council to contribute to the city of the future.  

Tauranga City Council chief executive Marty Grenfell says the purpose of the Candidate Information Evening is to provide an opportunity for prospective candidates to understand what they can expect as mayor or a councillor.

“While standing for public office is a big decision to make, it comes with many rewarding opportunities,” says Marty.  

Helpful insights 

Monday night’s agenda will include helpful insights from Marty and the Commissioners, a governance expert, our Electoral Officer, past and present councillors from other councils, tangata whenua, community groups and some of Council’s key partners.

The evening will also provide information on the nomination and campaign aspects of the election, and information on what to expect if elected. 

Tauranga’s Local Body Elections election will be held on Saturday, July 20, and people who are interested in the future of Tauranga are encouraged to put their names forward when nominations open on Friday, April 26.

Marty says Tauranga is home to people from diverse backgrounds with rich experience, making the city a fantastic place to live, which he expects will deliver a strong and capable group of elected representatives.

An important step 

“The Commission appointed by the previous Government has made some big decisions to address the Tauranga’s longstanding infrastructure deficit and we thank the Commissioners for their work, which is delivering the programme of work we need to address our fast-growing city’s needs,” says Marty.

“Their term ends in July, at which time a Mayor and nine councillors will be elected.  

Marty says this is an important step for Tauranga.

“Residents are acutely aware of the challenges that result from our housing under-supply and our ongoing traffic congestion issues.

“We’re asking people to start thinking about whether they might like to stand as a candidate, or if they have someone in mind who would do a great job of representing our community, to make sure they’re nominated.”

To register attendance for the Candidate Information Evening, or for more information about this year’s election, visit council’s Election webpage at:

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Brave souls.

Posted on 18-02-2024 09:49 | By Accountable

Some of those councilors from the previous regime would be very worthy candidates for the new council. We will need some very experienced people to take charge of the out of control council staff and get the cities priorities in the correct order. New councilors will be mince meat to the council staff who have the ability to take control of them unless the new councilors have prior knowledge of the system.
Who and why would anybody in their right mind want to become a councilor when they have the biggest financial shambles in the history of Tauranga to try and negotiate through and at the same time appease the majority of the ratepayers whilst doing so. The pittance of a pay would not be enough of a reward for the amount of abuse they will sustain because of the financial disasters the commissioners have left in their wake.

Nice one Marty

Posted on 18-02-2024 09:51 | By an_alias

We thank the fab 4 for there amazing job at doing every single thing the TCC ever dreamed of.
Oh thank you, thank you for the honour of having our rates and extra wink wink taxes go up for the next 30 - 40 years guaranteed !

Looking forward…

Posted on 18-02-2024 13:54 | By Shadow1

to seeing who is going to throw their hat in the ring. The key to a successful council is the Mayor. I don’t think we need another spoilt multimillionaire from Auckland. Someone invested in Tauranga’s future would be good. And someone who will stand up to Central Government’s demands would be even better. She or he will need to develop the new councillors into a close knit team.
Contrary to the Commission’s beliefs, Tauranga has no real infrastructure deficit. We need to continue maintaining what we have. Roading maintenance needs to get back on track. Neglecting the standard sealing programs lead to very expensive future repairs.
For goodness sakes halt the population growth for a few years and review the qualities of our engineering staff. Find a CEO with an engineering background.


Posted on 18-02-2024 16:02 | By Let's get real

I dread to think about who will be putting their names forward.
Undoubtedly the failed former councillor/politician will fancy their chances to get the nose back in the trough, as will other former
no-hopers, who will oversell their abilities and a former mayor who was far too often M.I.A
We need management, we need high-level skills and we need people who are willing to say NO, firmly enough to be understood.
I hold out little hope really, as we will get candidates who will stress how "nice" they are, with little to no substance or ability to back up any other claims.
Most, I wouldn't trust to run a bath.


Posted on 18-02-2024 19:30 | By CliftonGuy

It would be enourmously helpful if we were informed as to where and what time this information meeting is intenmded to be held.
Or is this a secret squirrel event?


Posted on 19-02-2024 09:36 | By Let's get real

Not a great start to your campaigning if you can't seek information that is important to decision making yourself.

More vitriol

Posted on 19-02-2024 11:08 | By AuntyMinnie

I am absolutely amazed at the standard of comments that are allowed to be printed.

To CliftonGuy. The meeting has been on the radar since before christmas. You need to read the paper more or go on to the TCC website.

Hope the meeting attracts some good candidates.


Posted on 19-02-2024 14:07 | By Kancho

So is this the meeting that the Ratepayers association had their invitation cancelled ?
The new Council will have a hard job ahead to wind back on the grandiose schemes and spending as we already pay more rates than anywhere else and can't afford much more. If it was on core business it would be accepted but so much just isn't and totally undemocratic railroading.
I remember Tenby Powell saying we were near bankrupt before the gang of four started spending up large and hiking rates. So reprioritize and cancel is the job. We need water, another transfer station in the south, traffic congestion alleviation . Core business

Here we go

Posted on 19-02-2024 15:54 | By Informed

Unfortunately we can already see the writing on the wall. The low rates crowd that created this mess will get back in and Tauranga will slide further behind the eightball....


Posted on 19-02-2024 17:36 | By Let's get real

As far as I am concerned, there are huge savings to be had by having respect for your employers. It's not always about saving money, it's about using other people's contributions diligently and making sure that you have support for your personal goals and ideology.
If there's a real need there will undoubtedly be support from those paying the bills...
New offices for council staff because of health issues, SURE.... housing them in the most expensive way possible with views over the harbour and poor access for visitors... WHY...? Is it because they have inflated opinions of their position, bolstered by salaries over $100,000 a year.. Extremely likely.
There is real need out there and it doesn't include a need for additional unrealistic costs.

Positive meeting

Posted on 20-02-2024 11:19 | By True Fizz

There was a great turnout of people with great diversity in age, background and ideas. The panel was varied and informative and I hope we get a team of councillors whose sum is greater than their parts through respect and good judgment.

Truth is, if you like Tauranga as it is - sure no rates. Most people think it can be better and that costs.

Great meeting

Posted on 20-02-2024 14:09 | By AuntyMinnie

Well done to everybody, this was a very informative evening. Extremely well run, kept to time and with no negativity.

The speakers mostly very good. The outstanding speaker for me was Dr Jim Mather. An excellent presentation, sort, simple and to the point. Just what the Counc

Great meeting /continued..

Posted on 20-02-2024 15:06 | By AuntyMinnie

Just what the Council in Tauranga needs.

Well done to all.

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