Cameron Road is blocked following crash

File Photo.

Cameron Road is currently blocked following a crash.

A police spokesperson says that police responded to a two vehicle crash on the intersection of Cameron Road and Pooles Road around 4:30pm.

"There are no reported injuries.

"The road is currently blocked while emergency services respond to the scene, but the road should be clear soon."

Google Maps screenshot.

At the scene?

Phone 0800SUNLIVE or email

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Posted on 02-04-2024 18:12 | By R1Squid

created gridlock in the region - just as what would happen in Auckland!

bad drivers

Posted on 02-04-2024 19:29 | By norbs09

Almost every time I come home turning right into Pooles road at the round about I have near misses cause people don't give way šŸ˜ž

road decisions made behind a desk "bright"

Posted on 03-04-2024 12:21 | By Opinion100

since this upgrade for safer roads all they have done is made them less safe, moved pedestrians closer to moving vehicles etc...

putting lights in every 500 meters along cameron road. painted yellow lines but no explanation as to why?

putting round abouts in places were they dont need to be.

its all just stupid planning. and if your asking yes please do give me the chance to make these decisions. it would not be hard at all.

also do you know that kids can learn without aid. like if you took the crossings away it means kids would have to be more diligent when crossing roads this in tern makes there senses better judgment better etc.... doing what you do only makes the NZ less safe in the long run DUMB DUMB even if a light is red doesnt mean thecarswillstop.

Red Lights

Posted on 03-04-2024 14:39 | By Ladradog

even if a light is red doesnt mean thecarswillstop. (from a previous poster)

Here is how it works.
Green means go.
Orange means go faster.
Red means boot it.
Making the roads calmer my backside.

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