NZTA issues SH2 vandalism warning

Further vandalism has been made along the stretch of SH2. Photo supplied.

NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi is issuing a warning to those vandalising SH2 in protest the installation of median barriers.

Upset with NZTA’s decision to install median barriers along a section of SH2, side road residents have taken action to vandalise over road markings.

“Overnight State Highway 2 was vandalised again, with the road tagged in multiple locations. First and foremost, NZTA’s concern is for the safety of road users and of our crew working on site,” says a NZTA spokesperson.

“These people are risking their own lives and the lives of other motorists on the road. This is an 80km/h zone and, in the dark, drivers are unlikely to see someone standing on the road until it’s too late. It could cost lives.

“They are also causing additional inconvenience to other SH2 road users because traffic will be impacted while the spraying, some of which is offensive, is removed and the necessary markings reinstated. 15000 vehicles use this route every day, the illegal actions of a few shouldn’t risk the safety of everyone and the situation has been referred to NZ Police.”

Police statement:

Police have received reports of damage to the work contractors are undertaking on State Highway 2 near Katikati, says a police spokesperson. 

"Police are making initial inquiries.

"Police are concerned the work contractors are undertaking to make all road users safe is being impacted upon.

"Police would urge people to think about the consequences of such behaviour, which puts both those interfering with the work of contractors, along with all other road users, at risk.

"Anyone convicted of intentional damage could face up to seven years imprisonment."


Bunch of muppets

Posted on 20-06-2024 19:21 | By StuffNZTA

End of the day this isnt just isolated to this section of SH2 we are having troubles in the paeroa area . we are in battles agaisnt abusive roadwork staff from higgins and also trucking firms that are keeping familys up at early hours they do not fix the roads nor care about any residents at all they will not put signs up for engine braking either ..meeting with council and NZTA wont work unless you have deep pockets to donate to them or fund them in some way going on 6 years now i dont see anything positive coming out of this i feel sorry for the residents its not fair at all


Posted on 21-06-2024 03:23 | By Yadick

So now these ones that cost us by their idiotic actions of blocking roads to protest blocking roads are costing us by using vandalism and danger as an attempt to get their self-centered message out there. Criminal and pathetic. Obviously DO NOT care about other road-users. It's all about themselves.
You have TOTALLY lost my support and probably that of many others.


Posted on 21-06-2024 07:56 | By AJ&D

I'm not even slightly surprised.
This is a campaign Id be happy to support =P campaign slogans could include...

No more wire barriers (holy moly they're dangerous to motorcyclists!)

Bring back our passing lanes (you're just creating Anger on the road by trapping cues of cars behind trucks and campers)

80kmh seriously!?


Posted on 21-06-2024 12:05 | By LyndeG

The implication that this is being organised by those us who organised the vehicle protest is not true. Also, I would point out to the Yadick that we did not block the road - we demonstrated the results of congestion. Traffic was monitored carefully and Police were in attendance. It is clear from your comments that we never had your support and that is of no concern to us but what is of concern is insults and misinformation. There is only one moron commenting here and I would suggest it is clearly you.

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