New arrivals, new releases, new gigs…

After last week’s sustained rant we’ve got snippets this time; strap on those short attention spans. And the snippets du jour are a distinctly... Read More

The day the music died?

A few weeks back I wrote of APRA’s annual Silver Scroll songwriting awards. Specifically I wrote that the Australasian Performing Right Association... Read More

Remembering Simon Elton

You’ll have to give me a little leeway with this column; it’s hard to find the right tone just before deadline when you hear a friend has... Read More

Bob Dylan, a birthday, and Te Puna

I’ve been thinking this week about community; a couple of events on July 24 show again that it’s happening and growing all around us. First... Read More

Two local shows and a sex toy battle

It seems I’ve been on a bit of a rant recently; let’s return to regular stuff. Largely. This week that includes: Reb Fountain in Katikati;... Read More

Stay away from the brown acid

Everyone seems to be talking about drugs right now; or perhaps I just need some different friends... For starters, everyone still seems unhappy about... Read More

It’s French week – pourquoi pas?

The French Film Festival is on right now, so let’s go a little French this week. Only a little mind you. We don’t want to accidentally slip... Read More

Tauranga snubbed? Say it isn’t so!

  Snubbed! Yep, I’ve been hearing from people all week that Tauranga has been snubbed. Of course it was the Queen that started it. It often... Read More

A sudden songwriter controversy!

The last two columns have been about gigs – it must be time for some controversy. Because something controversial happened last week and it seems... Read More

Staying informed in an information age

Writing this column there is one complaint I get more frequently than any other. It's that people don't know about stuff that's happening.... Read More

It‘s New Zealand music month. Hooray?

It's New Zealand Music Month; the concept still seems a bit strange to me. I get the idea of course. Lest New Zealand music be lost in the glut... Read More

Three for the road - jazz, folk, blues

Sometimes I'm a bit torn about what to put in this column. There are generally two directions things can go. Firstly, and the most tempting, is... Read More

Crunch time for the Oscars

Anzac Day, or at least the public holiday for it, coincides with the Oscars. It has not been a good year for awards shows. Nights of glitz and glamour... Read More

Music from all around the world

This week let's have a look at next week. Live music continues apace. I've picked out three very different gigs of interest, one leaning Celtic,... Read More

A perfect weekend in Tauranga

With Bay Dreams, One Love and more, Tauranga is getting a name as a festival city; but there's something unique about the Jazz Festival. It may... Read More