Jazz in a people’s paradise

It’s April, the cruellest month as TS Eliot called it, but here in Tauranga it is time for musical celebration with The Tauranga National Jazz... Read More

My word, that’s 800

Time flies when you’re having fun, so it surprised me to realise that this month marks my 800th column for  The Weekend Sun. I started these... Read More

A big world of films to explore

The way we access our entertainment is always changing;  it can be hard to keep up. I certainly feel that way. I find it increasingly difficult... Read More

Don’t get snaky with St Patrick

New Zealanders have a soft spot for St Patrick; I put it down to the snakes. I arrived in New Zealand some 40 years ago and one thing that struck me... Read More

Max Christoffersen – music lover

Death was in the air last week.  Excuse me if I dwell on it. Luke Perry, star of a TV show that “defined the ‘90s” died at 52... Read More

Promoting local music is just a call away

If you’re planning something musical in the Bay – be it a festival, concert, show, gig, album, EP or single – there’s one easy... Read More

Folk Club holds big birthday bash

It’s always a pleasure to dish out a happy birthday, and that’s what I’m doing this week. It’s a big birthday at the beginning... Read More

Reasons to be cheerful – Part 41

We return to the occasional series wherein Winston expounds on things currently making him happy. This week he’s once again as contented as a cat... Read More

Jam Factory is what Tauranga needed

An obvious indicator of getting older is people you know dying. I realise that’s not a very happy way to start a column, but at a certain time... Read More

Fyre Festival fiasco makes good viewing

What a fantastically sunny run of events we’ve had! It’s been great this year. Bay Dreams, One Love, Slash, Toto, the 80s disco show, Live... Read More

50 musical days in Asia

There are all sorts of people recording  music in Tauranga. At one end of the scale are professional bands and musicians - practitioners who either... Read More

Lettuce Inn for music and art

Katikati is officially one of the best towns in New Zealand. That’s what they tell me. It was a headline I read the other day, and I think what... Read More

Forget the concrete, enjoy the music

The mythical phoenix gains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. So there appears to be a certain retrospective irony in Tauranga City... Read More

Not over for The Narcs

There are a bunch of ‘nostalgia’ acts playing around the Bay during summer, but The Narcs aren’t one of them. So what’s the... Read More

Bless the rains down in Tauranga

One of the world’s favourite American rock bands will meet Tauranga residents all the way, at what’s been pegged as the region’s hottest... Read More