Not over for The Narcs

There are a bunch of ‘nostalgia’ acts playing around the Bay during summer, but The Narcs aren’t one of them. So what’s the... Read More

Bless the rains down in Tauranga

One of the world’s favourite American rock bands will meet Tauranga residents all the way, at what’s been pegged as the region’s hottest... Read More

Kudos for the contribution

I think I can say – without fear of contradiction – that we’re getting close to the end of the year. Let’s assume that y’all... Read More

The Blues Are Coming To Town

A wise man once said: ‘The blues is like a plain glass’ –  I tend to agree. The idea is that the basic structure and building... Read More

Oasis of musical calm in the madness

In an unpredictable world, it’s good to know some things stay the same. And, as the chaos of Christmas draws ever closer, that’s what the... Read More

Discovering People of Paradise

The Bay now has greater opportunity for self-examination, with the launch last week of a new online magazine show,  People of Paradise. This is... Read More

Remembering the impact of Nicolas Roeg

Let’s divert from music to film. English director Nicolas Roeg, 90 years old, died this week. He made weird, evocative films that seriously messed... Read More

Albums, gigs – get ‘em while they’re hot!

Can I be the first to ask, where did the year go? When this paper goes to print there’ll be a month ‘til Christmas Eve. Seriously? But... Read More

Refreshing some of the old favourites

The Andrew London Trio have been fairly frequent visitors to the Bay since their emergence from previous band, Hot Club Sandwich, in 2012. In that time... Read More

A soul legend, Sticky Filth and Stan

Okay, I admit it. I’m still getting over the excitement... All sorts of cultural treasures emerged at the end of last week to enrich millions... Read More

It’s all happening on November 2

Sometimes, the timing of these columns is a tad frustrating. Now, for instance. For those of us preoccupied with popular culture, this week, and November... Read More

Simpler times for the local music scene

The music scene in Tauranga appears to be going in every direction at once; it’s sometimes hard to keep up. It’s almost enough to inspire... Read More

A Slice of The Whittakers

I like The Whittakers, and I like A Slice of The Whittakers. There are many ways to judge an album when you write a review – a whole bunch of... Read More

Reasons to be cheerful – Part 41

We return to the occasional series wherein Winston expounds on things currently making him happy. This week it’s gigs – specifically this... Read More

What ever became of The Shirleybyrds?

There’s little in the world I enjoy more than listening to new music, so I’m pretty happy right now. I hope to turn over the next few weeks... Read More