Fatal accident at Tauranga Quarry

Police at the scene of the crash. Photo; Ryan Wood.

Police are currently responding to a workplace incident on Kaitemako Road in Welcome Bay.

Emergency services received a report just before 2pm, that a truck and trailer unit had rolled in the Tauranga Quarry while emptying gravel.

The driver of the vehicle has died at the scene, says a police spokesperson.

"Police are currently in the process of advising family.

"A Serious Crash Unit investigation will be conducted, and WorkSafe have been advised."



Posted on 17-10-2017 04:10 | By old trucker

i made a small mistake with my comment (and sorry) it is a 6 wheeler not 8, SORRY,its not like me,to do this, ive been thinking about this all night, and it worries me this sought of thing, the same Co,. not long ago out buy Speedway by a driver who was tipping off railway ballast and forgot to release trip and stood the trailer on its end, i have photos to prove it,a lot of these accidents (and my personal thoughts only is) all these persons are new at these jobs and NOT SKILLED enough,this has only come about, by Worksafe and all the PC mob that will not let kids ride and learn with their Mums and Dads,anyone can go over to polytech and learn and then be let loose on these BIG RIGS,these accidents point this out,THIS IS only my personal thoughts.thankyou.10-4.

golly gosh something had to give

Posted on 17-10-2017 03:55 | By old trucker

My personal thoughts only on this,(with many years exp,. in this work) is a 8 wheeler tractor unit and Bogey trailer are not made for this work,(well can be if used properly) my observation is ,and my thoughts only is,it appears the Artic is not lined up straight to tip off, and is by photo that he is jacked knifed to tip off which in turn makes it VERY UNSTABLE, this is one VERY terrible accident and is a TRAP for young players in this type of work, another broken family, my thoughts go out to them, for the loss, ive have seen many close calls in my time in Quarries and Mining, and personally backed over the edge of tip face, (250 ton) as a new Grader driver graded the stop berm away between loads and it was horrible and on night shift,Sunlive is No1,Thankyou, 10-4 out,phew.

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