Barkes Corner traffic lights to go back on

The lights will now be operating with amber and reds colours instead of green.

The NZ Transport Agency is reintroducing roundabout metering on SH29A Barkes Corner roundabout next week, to improve peak traffic flow.

Bay of Plenty Transport System Manager Rob Campbell said the main change is that the traffic lights will have amber and red lights only – no green.

“When we introduced roundabout metering in September this year most people used the roundabout metering well, however, we appreciated it was not intuitive enough for everyone, and we have listened to people’s feedback and reviewed the system.

“There were three minor crashes on 20 September and we made the decision to turn the signals off until we had reviewed the system and made changes.”

From 12 December 2018, traffic lights will be operating on two sections of the SH29A Barkes Corner roundabout for traffic approaching on Pyes Pa Road and westbound traffic on SH29A.

The changes follow an Australian system that uses amber and red traffic light signals only, with no green.

“The changes include two-aspect traffic lights (amber and red, no green); widening the existing median island on SH29A west-bound approach; installing a median island on Pyes Pa Road, moving the traffic lights 30m from the roundabout approach, and improving kerbing.”

This will be trialled for 12-18 months.

When traffic queues on one leg activate the metering, the traffic lights will turn amber then red to stop the vehicles, allowing traffic from the busiest road to enter the roundabout.Give way rules still apply when entering the roundabout.

The traffic lights on SH29A will be phased to ease queues on Pyes Pa Road when it is busy which is predominantly during the weekday morning peak. The traffic lights on Pyes Pa Road will be phased to improve traffic flow on SH29A from Tauriko during the weekday evening peak.

“The Pyes Pa Road approach to the roundabout is busier than the other roads in the morning peak, so the traffic lights on the SH29A westbound approach will hold back traffic to allow Pyes Pa Road traffic through.

“Similarly, the traffic lights on Pyes Pa Road will be phased to improve the flow for eastbound traffic on SH29A from Tauriko during the weekday evening peak.

“Most of the time the traffic lights won’t be activated, except when high traffic queues on one leg activate them, then the traffic lights will turn red to stop the vehicles, allowing traffic from the busiest road to enter the roundabout. The red phase is short and will turn off before another large queue is created,” says Rob.

Roundabout metering will also be installed on SH2 Takitimu Drive and Elizabeth Street roundabout, with traffic lights on the SH2 northbound approach to the roundabout. These will be operational in early 2019.

The work is part of a wider programme being implemented across the region to improve safety and journey times.

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@ Road Ranger

Posted on 20-12-2018 23:10 | By Ian Stevenson

The NZ Police will be there in force I am sure, when they had a go at "Lights on" (that has nothing to do with TCC cave-dwellers who created this mess) the trail of accidents will resume. The design and layout is so bad, obviously so. Of course TCC jsut have to try... try... and try again.

In Theory

Posted on 07-12-2018 10:13 | By Sandra77

It all sounds so good in theory but it has been tried practically and it was a disaster - the traffic flow isn’t even that bad - I have never experienced more hold ups and queues for those few days they trialed those stupid lights, I really wonder who is allowed to keep making these decisions and when they will be held accountable for all these roading stuff ups!

Confusion Again

Posted on 07-12-2018 07:26 | By Road Ranger

What a great time to start - at the end of the school term when traffic will be lighter. Hope these lights will be monitored when it does get busy by the Police so they can put a stop to drivers driving along the cycle lane and on the footpath on Pyes Pa Rd approaching Hire Pool to turn left onto SH 29. Also put a stop to drivers driving down the centre medium strip. The problem with these lights, as before, people think once they have the right-of-way they are safe to enter the roundabout, hence the previous accidents. Hope clearer signage will be displayed.

Traffic lights on Barkes corner

Posted on 06-12-2018 21:35 | By mlow

What on earth do the traffic engineers think they are doing?? IT IS A ROUNDABOUT!!! Either take it OUT and put in LIGHTS or leave it alone!!

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