Collision between a cyclist and a vehicle

File Photo.

A cyclist is recovering from minor injuries after being hit by a vehice this morning on Chapel Street.

A police spokesperson says the incident was a collision between a cyclist and a vehicle towing a trailer on Chapel Street Tauranga.

The incident was reported to police at around 10:25am.

"The cyclist is reported to have minor injuries.

"There is no road blockage."

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Posted on 02-04-2024 18:27 | By R1Squid

the mobile telephone OFF while manipulating your motorised vehicle! Pay attention to your surroundings.

Here We Go

Posted on 03-04-2024 07:39 | By Thats Nice

The first of many unfortunately. Not saying this is the case here but I just don't get why "some" cyclists (I cycle btw) are hell bent on cycling on the road when there is a sealed road outside of the white lines that they need to be using. Please keep left cyclists.


Posted on 03-04-2024 18:51 | By Let's get real

It's a fact that a few motorists are spending time on their mobile devices, eating breakfast and applying makeup. But that just puts the odd one or two motorists on a par with most cyclists.
Most cyclists have absolutely no idea about what is happening around them, even smashing into a parked car that's in front of them.
Do your brakes work... Maybe use them occasionally.

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