Modern Christianity

It has been very enlightening to read and hear what folks are saying about Israel Folau’s demise after he posted 1 Cor 6:9-11 on Instagram. He has... Read More

Watch out Sunday preachers

NZ really has a PC infection of mammoth proportions for which a vaccine must be developed. An example of this massive infection is exposed with the Filau... Read More

New Zealand independence

In his letter (April 12, 2019) R Baker researcher for the One N.Z Foundation makes a claim for the celebration of New Zealand Independence on May 3, based... Read More

Profligate Memorial Walkway

In 2007, Tauranga City Council (TCC) thought the main thrust against the Memorial Park/Strand Walkway was coming from residents whose houses fronted it... Read More

Fines are ‘puerile’

I have just read article “ Sleepers swept from store fronts “ (The Weekend Sun, April 5, P4-5) where I find the lack of analytical research... Read More

Hitting a raw nerve

I’ve obviously hit some raw nerves with reference to the Mosque shootings. But you’d have to be naive if you can’t see beyond all the... Read More

Leave the name

If the Canterbury Crusaders let the NZ PC brigade and a killer dictate to them they are validating the murderer's action as a success and he will go... Read More

Abolition of State Advance Loans

In response to P Doldem (The Weekend Sun, April 5), wafting on about “socialist lefties” and blaming “right-wing capitalists” for... Read More

There’s still a prayer

C.Humphreys (The Weekend Sun, April 5) says that there is something wrong when the Christian prayer is removed from Parliament, and a Moslem prayer is... Read More

Commonsense has fled

It is hard to believe that educated, intelligent scientists would consider a senseless decision to genetically change a cow to produce less nitrogen in... Read More

Something must be done

Somebody has got to do something about the Tauriko-Cambridge Road junction before there is a tragedy there. The opening of the (Tauranga) Crossing mall... Read More

Work together

I feel so sorry for our two Labour MPs, who I am sure went into Parliament with the very best of intentions to meet the needs of this region, but they... Read More

Action is needed

I enjoyed reading your paper (April 5, 2019) but was confused by a comment in Rogers Rabbits.  Roger said “you’d have to be a special... Read More

Feedback wanted

Western Bay of Plenty District Council is asking for feed-back on their proposal to introduce kerbside recycling. The Katikati – Waihi Beach Residents... Read More

NZ’s day of independence

While the Treaty of Waitangi gave tangata Maori, “The same rights as the people of England if they gave up their kawanatanga/governments to the Queen”,... Read More