Making a noise

So the tail wags the dog?  One person makes 80 complaints about noise from the Greerton Hall and the Council has to close down many activities. ... Read More

Another word on climate change

Regarding P Otway's statement (The Weekend Sun, January 24, page 27) that he disbelieves scientist's statement that there is less CO2 in the atmosphere... Read More

A balanced view needed

It is time that the population awoke from the ‘woke’ philosophy that is presently controlling the country with the approval of Government,... Read More

Calling for more

I agree with B Waits views (The Weekend Sun, January 24, page 27), on the amenities available to the public of Tauranga. As a relative of mine moved to... Read More

Taking the bet

P Dolden (The Weekend Sun, January 10, page 28), I'll bet you twenty dollars that President Trump is returned to office. J Lash, Hawera.... Read More

Weighing in on climate change

In reply to P Otway’s letter (The Weekend Sun, January 24, page 27), he disputes some figures. He says only three people in Australia have been... Read More

Ocean sanctuary urgency

The Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary Bill is about to go through its second reading. This action would permanently protect endangered species and provide a refuge... Read More

Mission possible

Kia ora I read the letters from C Humphries and L Askin in January 17 edition of The Weekend Sun with sadness. Both your correspondents had much to say... Read More

A pack of rubbish

Would you believe the slick way EnviroWaste makes money? We recently moved to Tauranga and had to recycle polystyrene from flat pack furniture. Oh, yes.... Read More

Forget climate change – what about 5G?

Thanks editor for highlighting the existential threat from 40,000 satellites. However, they are not the only problem we face from 5G technology.  Approximately... Read More

Back to school

The editor tells us if we are climate change deniers we should go back to school. I wonder what we would learn, obviously not how to do maths, or to spell,... Read More

Climate change

P Kelly (Weekend Sun, January 17, page 27), in denouncing Dan Hutchinson’s editorial the previous week on the need to get serious about climate change,... Read More

Fact-checking is key

In response to the letter ‘Drain the TCC swamp’ from R Paterson (The Weekend Sun, January 17, page 26). As the secretary of the Grand Pacific... Read More

Buses and Pyes Pa

Reading the letter ‘Stopping the Bus’ (The Weekend Sun, January 17, page 26), L Chandler has prompted me to sympathise with them. I used to... Read More

Public transport

With regard to L.W Chandler signalling a bus that refused to stop (The Weekend Sun, January 17, page 26). Years ago London Transport had plastered all... Read More