Mayor’s job to represent all

Re: ‘No savings from amalgamation’ (The Weekend Sun, letters page 16, April 8). Margret Murray-Benge suggests that elected representatives... Read More

New highways dept needed!

Millions of dollars have been spent by Waka Kotahi NZTA on safety features on State Highway 2 between Tauranga and Waihi. Currently, there are five different... Read More

We need more fuel alternatives now!

I listened in excitement to news of our PM Jacinda Ardern announcing a hydrogen-powered car-sharing scheme with Japan, while she was in the country this... Read More

How about library with a museum?

I read recently that a museum for Tauranga was possibly back on the agenda. If I may make a comment; I imagine the core genre for a museum would be local... Read More

A solution to the dangerous Kaimai drive

Having driven over the Kaimai Hill on State Highway 29 a few times recently, I have noticed that the driving conditions are becoming increasingly dangerous... Read More


Yesterday has no handles It’s only an empty stage with burnt out candles It can’t be altered or retrieved It has entered a one-way door And... Read More

Matariki is not a day to be alone

What a milestone to have Matariki public holiday passed in Parliament. The celebration is underpinned by values that include mana taiao - environmental... Read More

Two crises must be tackled together

The Prime Minister stated recently that the education sector needs to rapidly adapt to the capacity of online learning to build schools’ ability... Read More

Very disappointed!

I read that the unelected Commissioners of Tauranga City Council are looking at the racecourse and seeking public opinion on its future use. What is not... Read More

Special people

I’ve recently been up at Tauranga Hospital on a couple of occasions. The nurses and doctors and other staff in the Emergency Department and the Assessment... Read More

Govt should fund St John!

I hear it’s time for St John Ambulance to go fundraising….what does it take for the public to demand that the Government fully funds this... Read More

Council is not a business…

Re: ‘Morris – let’s set the record straight’ letter by Tommy Wilson (The Weekend Sun, April 1). Mr Wilson criticised remarks made... Read More

The cultural economy reigns supreme

Co-governance demands separately-funded ownership and control of education, health, welfare, conservation, legislation, separate voting system. It calls... Read More

Totally agree…

Re: ‘No savings to be made from amalgamation’ (The Weekend Sun, April 8). I totally agree with M Murray-Benge about amalgamation suggested... Read More

Unconstitutional in the worst way

I am upset with the Commission running Tauranga. We, the people, have written to the newspapers and others with our complaints about our loss of our right... Read More