State of the highway

The state of SH2 between Tauranga and Katikati cannot be excused by commitment to other more pressing highway work as excused by Hillary Burrows (The Weekend... Read More

Heaven awaits

In reply to R Goodall (The Weekend Sun, April 26). The atheist’s contradictory statement firstly claims there is no hell and then goes on to state... Read More

Local uprising

Ken Evans may well right. It may be closer than you think! Suggesting locals unhappy with the TCC transport decisions may well evolve into something more... Read More

Loan dolphins

I agree with the Government's concern with desperate people being taken advantage of by ‘loan sharks’. Sometimes, however, their service... Read More

Safety barriers

Clive Matthew-Wilson (Road Safety Expert) is dreaming. He says safety barriers would have made all the difference in the recent eight-person road fatality... Read More

One reality

Having regard to the current hoo-ha over the 2015 1Law4All pamphlet titled One Treaty One Nation. I have now obtained a current copy which is the same... Read More

Give Folau a break

I am appalled you have published the hate speech of R. Goodall towards Israel Folau. Moreover you have given R. Goodall public domain to insult Jews,... Read More

How much are you willing to bet on that?

I like R Goodall's pluck (The Weekend Sun, April 26). I like his preciseness. His logic needs a bit of work though. Just because you don't believe... Read More

PC stupidity

To rename a building in Wellington because the person it was originally named after in these days is considered a homophobe is sheer or pure unadulterated... Read More

Sticking with tradition

Increasingly, we New Zealanders are realising what a massive contribution men and women of the New Zealand and Australian Armed Forces have through many... Read More

Live like royals

I’ve been told that I should be in awe of the Queen and Prince Philip, how they are doing so well for their age, but common sense would logically... Read More

Cost of crashes

An article (in The Weekend Sun, April 18, p4) referred to the Ministry of Transport’s annual update on the cost of road crashes in New Zealand. The... Read More

Thanks workers

Someone should say thank you! I raise this idea as I watch the lines of workers trying to get to work in congested Tauranga City. Thank you workers,... Read More

Memorial walkway

Regarding the letter; ‘Profligate Memorial Walkway’ (The Weekend Sun, April 18). The reasons for not constructing a walkway between Memorial... Read More

No hell for me thanks

I am an atheist. I cannot go to hell because there isn’t one.  That is exclusively reserved for religious bigots like Israel. R Goodall... Read More