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‘Blurring’ of real arguments

Like others, I am a consumer with concerns about Trustpower's behaviour, not least after installing solar panels and finding the excess power we generated was paid a miserable 7c per kilowatt by them, as opposed to the 29c/kilowatt they charged... Read More

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Those saying that TECT should stay ‘as is' are living in a time warp. Times are changing and TECT's current charitable allocation is insufficient to meet Tauranga's needs. Ratepayers are tapped and alternate grant funders... Read More

TECT proposal ‘misguided’

The TECT trustees' proposal is wrong in law and misguided in practice. As trustees their principal duties are the preservation of the capital of the trust and conduct of its business for the benefit of the consumer beneficiaries. Consumers are not... Read More

Waipuna Hospice in support of TECT

Waipuna Hospice has been a grateful recipient of funds from TECT over many years. We provide essential services to the community and rely heavily on community support. We are excited at the prospect of potentially more funds being available for charities... Read More

Acting in our best interests

I read that Social Link, representing about 260 social sector organisations is supportive of the TECT proposal to transfer assets to a charitable trust. The TECT trustees will view their support as positive to their views, irrespective of the hundreds... Read More

Investment in internet

In response to K Evans' letter ‘The Future Looks Bad' (The Weekend Sun, March 2) I would point out that although TECT has said they are acting based on uncertainty within the electricity market, Bill Holland has categorically stated... Read More

Stick to discussing faith

Pastor Greg Burgess (page 28, The Weekend Sun, March 2) smugly parades his ignorance of evolutionary processes and the scientific method as he spouts uninformed nonsense. Unlike in common parlance, a theory in science is the highest explanation of the... Read More

Memorial Park construction site

I regularly visit Memorial Park once a week with my dog; we both usually have a paddle. However, it has become very noticeable over the last year that the construction site in the park has ground to a halt. The project was to thrust a pipeline to convey... Read More

Please don’t stop glass pick-up

Heaven forbid, what on earth do we pay our huge rates for when now our glass is not going to be recycled? Just when a huge percentage of our town are really being good citizens and recycling everything possible, we get this. We have lazy neighbours who... Read More

Ryan’s ramble reeks

With Rogers Rabbits away we were left with Ryan Wood's rambling about revival (The Weekend Sun, March 2).The topic was noble enough, just not the negative colonist overtones that still breathe within the underdeveloped points around treaty partnership... Read More

Opinion Poll

What are your thoughts on the council’s proposal to increase rates 40 per cent over the next three years?

Good, it will help pay to revitilise the city
Not good, rates are high enough now
I’m ok with an increase, but maybe not such a big one

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Rotorua lake, Mokoia island and a manned canoe.  Photo: Thirza Fleeson.

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