Disturbing attack

In his attempt to push back at Peter Dey and myself (The Weekend Sun, July 5) Peter Kelly enters the murky realm of confusion himself. I have deep respect... Read More

Climate confusion

John Mills (The Weekend Sun, June 28) begins: “There is much controversy over these matters”. His following dissertation on the behaviour of... Read More


Who do you call in a Medical Emergency? An MP? Simon Bridges? National should have built the Ambulance Station in Tauranga not charity. (He) was not interested... Read More

Gun money a waste

The Labour Government is proposing to spend $208 million in buying back semi-automatic guns from law abiding citizens. That money would not have prevented... Read More

Who decides?

So Winston Peters thinks that 120 temporarily empowered politicians are not nearly as qualified to make a decision on the End of Life Choice Bill as the... Read More

Freedom of speech

March the 15th 2019 was a day that will be a turning point for us in NZ and for the rest of the world. Fifty-one people were shot in Christchurch and really... Read More

Mount pathway

I was aghast to read about the latest estimate of nearly $7 million to re-align the Mount pathway. This is outrageously scandalous! I have spoken to reputable... Read More

Treaty debate

Both Robin Bell and Peter Dey have obviously misinterpreted and misunderstood what’s written in The Treaty of Waitangi. Or are they just being mischievous... Read More

The Treaty

Don Brash (The Weekend Sun, June 14) asks for evidence that Parliament passed a law making the Treaty of Waitangi a legally binding partnership. It did... Read More

Improve signage

Hi team, would it be too difficult to improve the signage at the roundabouts at the Crossing Tauranga?   We seem to have roadworks and building... Read More

Why wait

I note in an online article that Mayor Greg Brownless is quoted as saying, “change was needed, which required new leadership” (stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/112318063). I... Read More

Electric projectiles

My son who lives and works in Auckland commented on electric scooters. He says the Auckland situation is chaotic. There have been several collisions between... Read More

Street names

Tauranga City Council's Policy Committee is proposing changes to the street naming policy (Sunlive, June 22). This looks like little more than another... Read More

Drive to the conditions

Time and again I hear truckies complaining about the state of New Zealand roads. While I agree with some of them, the saying "drive to the conditions"... Read More

Budget constraints

I am amazed that Don Brash could make some of his statements in his letter (The Weekend Sun, June 21, page 42), in particular that it is absurd to say... Read More