Thanks for the help!

Bethlehem Te Puna Lions wish to express their thanks and gratitude for the support provided in our inaugural Family Fun Bike Day ride.  Without the... Read More

Obese cows

WBOPDC seem to have fed us a line regards the amount saved by introducing the new rubbish system. They have stated that the estimated savings (1800 tonne)... Read More

The Jungle

There is an interesting beast in the wild known as a List MP. These animals are highly loyal to their pack leader, even to the extent of forsaking their... Read More

Kindness in action

I would like to give a great big thank you to all the people who came to my aid when I was involved in an accident near the Wairoa River Bridge on Tuesday. Firstly... Read More

Cemetery concerns

During the Easter weekend, I visited the Pyes Pa Cemetery to visit my father and to take him some flowers for what would have been his 80th birthday. Pyes... Read More

Pensioner housing

It seems that Council (commissioners?) have decided to sell the Hinau and Pitau Roads pensioner flats. Not worth doing up was a major reason, not the $20million... Read More

Democracy and freedom

'Advanced democracies are not overthrown, there are no tanks on the street... instead their institutions are imperceptibly drained of everything that... Read More

TCC staff increase

When I initially read Tauranga City Council intends to significantly increase its 'investment' in staff, I thought it was an April Fool’s... Read More

Infrastructure costs

I can’t help feeling that as a ratepayer I’m somehow responsible for not spending enough on infrastructure. This despite Tauranga‘s rates... Read More

Historic Village parking

What a fantastic success the jazz festival at the Historic Village on Good Friday was. It follows the huge success of the multicultural festival and Waitangi... Read More

Leave hospo alone

All of us are deeply sympathetic and sad about the predicament of the hospitality industry.  But we now wish the media would leave them alone to... Read More

Who’s responsible for the CBD?

Whoever the twit is that thinks Tauranga CBD is worth investing in needs to get out of their flash car and walk along Devonport Road and count the empty... Read More

Council needs to get back to basics

The City Council need to get back to basics and begin maintaining our roads properly. Examples of this are on Cameron Road, on the eastern side just south... Read More

Christianity and Parliament

Extreme personal choice is a hallmark of New Zealand parliaments’ form of humanism. However, it is not always reconcilable with effects that benefit... Read More

A refreshing change

It has been refreshing over the last few weeks to read some thoughtful and considered letters in support of improved political representation for Maori... Read More