Lessons from entertaining cricket

It was my privilege to receive a ticket to the first One Day International between the Black Caps and Sri Lanka at the Bay Oval. It is only time before this cricket ground becomes the test venue of choice developed on a foundation of quick-draining sand,...... Read More

Hot or not?

Once again the media is awash with claims of the hottest temperatures ever in the country and yet in November and December – when Russia, much of Europe and the United States suffered extremely cold conditions that caused some scientists to suggest...... Read More

Plastic bag dramas

The movement that emerged in 2018 to ban plastic bags and got some traction on reducing plastic bag usage, particularly supermarkets, is perhaps a milestone in history. Supermarkets have stopped giving away the plastic bags, they sell them instead. Paper...... Read More

No need for unjustified embellishment

The Labour Government of 2000 was spot on with the abolition of knighthoods and damehoods normally dished out to the rich and famous. Inexplicably and foolishly, these honours were reinstated by John Key’s National Government of 2009. People can...... Read More

Cycle-less track

On Saturday I encountered a cyclist riding on Matapihi Rd and asked the question: ‘Why don’t you use the cycle track?’ His reply was: ‘It’s not mandatory’. Really, then my question is to them, why did we spend half...... Read More

Don’t keep the dead donkey debate going!

Recent news has Tauranga City Council CEO Marty Grenfell proposing $70,000 in the council’s 2019-2020 draft Annual Plan be spent to bring stakeholders together to continue the debate of a possible museum for Tauranga. The new CEO started his the...... Read More

Something is out of whack here

There will be much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the minimum wage increase coming in this year. The Government has announced it will increase the minimum wage from the current  $16.50 per hour to $17.70 per hour hour on April 1,...... Read More

Where’s the info from?

Re: Forest & Bird is calling for the wider Hauraki Gulf to Bay of Plenty crayfishing area (known as CRA2) to be closed for three years to allow the species to start recovering. Forest & Bird tell us the crayfish stocks in CRA2 are in danger of collapse....... Read More

Giving migrant families a chance

Re: Letters on the United Nations Global Migration Compact printed in The Weekend Sun, December 21 and 28 editions. I’d like to put up a bloke called Sanjay as New Zealander of the Year. He’s obviously a bloody good Dad. Sanjay’s the...... Read More

The speed is now zero!

Congratulations to the Tauranga City Council. A big 100 per cent on the effort for making Greerton safer. Managing speed could not be better. Without the vehicle crashes, the speed is now reduced to zero. In the council’s advertisement in The Weekend...... Read More

Opinion Poll

Did the ’unruly’ traveller family get a fair go in NZ?