Ruling out a fuel tax for Tauranga

Local National MPs are concerned about a possible fuel tax for Tauranga if Labour is elected to government, but Labour’s Finance spokesperson has ruled it out. File photo.

Local National Party MPs Simon Bridges and Todd Muller are calling on the Labour Party to rule out a fuel tax hike for Tauranga.

Their concern comes after Labour Party leader Jacinda Arden announced plans to partly fund proposed Auckland transport projects through a regional fuel tax.

"I know Tauranga and the Bay don't want to fork out 10 cents more at the pump to pay for Labour's transport policies,” says Todd.

"Labour has promised regional fuel taxes to fund its pet projects in Auckland, which is alarming locals who fear they'll be next in line to pay more at the pump.

"We're calling on Labour's Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson to rule out a regional fuel tax hike for Tauranga.

Simon says Tauranga residents are right to ‘fear' Labour's transport policies, because it will be ‘hardworking families who will end up out of pocket'.

"Regional taxes impose significant compliance costs to businesses and road users, and would result in much higher fuel prices for motorists in the Bay. Taking kids to their soccer game or getting to work in the morning will cost more, if Labour gets its way,” he says.

'National has invested heavily in our city's transport. $120 million for the Baypark to Bayfair Link upgrade, which is expected to be completed by 2020, and over $520 million for the Tauranga Northern Link commencing 2018 – on top of the $1 billion delivered across the Bay of Plenty since we've been in government.

'All without sneaky regional tax hikes.”

However, Labour Party Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says the party has no plans for a regional fuel tax anywhere outside of Auckland.

'We will be making transport announcements affecting Tauranga in the very near future. We have been clear we are committed to improving regional transport networks, making use of all modes of transport, including rail, roads and coastal shipping."

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Just games!

Posted on 10-08-2017 10:14 | By NZAdventurer

Yes Mr Bridges and Mr Muller you have good reason to be concerned. I feel the winds of change beginning to rise. Uncertainty is not a nice feeling is it!

Dirty politics,

Posted on 10-08-2017 10:29 | By Marshal

This is a new level in Kiwi politics. I have never seen or heard anywhere ever that Labour was ever thinking of such a policy for Tauranga. This is Simon Bridges and Todd Muller trying to allay their own fears. Love it.

Scare Politics

Posted on 10-08-2017 11:45 | By Merlin

It has started National scare politics campaign.It was in parliament last night.Look at the devious tax hikes national have done and called them a levy.I remember also the broken promise not to increase GST and soon after elected broke it.This Government has gone stale.

Rather pay a little extra at the pump than tolls

Posted on 10-08-2017 12:12 | By Murray.Guy

I'd pather pay a little extra at the pump IF the extra was pumped in to our own roads, IF we could remove the tolls from our underutilized highways. The only significant issue would be how to ensure our 'local' roading staff could be controlled, how we could secure 'best outcomes' versus staff regarding the income as a 'cash cow' for their pet projects. The income source would be a lot fairer than hitting the ratepayer up.

Simon Bridges

Posted on 10-08-2017 12:13 | By Captain Sensible

Simon Bridges, the loyal lapdog of his beloved leader, is making stuff up so as to say 'no' to an issue that was not there. A poodle pretending to be a doberman.

Not even a story

Posted on 10-08-2017 12:40 | By waiknot

National MP's attempting to grab a headline

@ Marshal.

Posted on 10-08-2017 13:19 | By Dazed and Confused

Try to stay up with the pace Marshal...She announced policy in Auckland.Do you really really really think Labour will stop there. all they seem set on doing is applying more taxes

Yea Right

Posted on 10-08-2017 13:30 | By thebrad

I like how they say they would never tax the pump but they sure will toll your roads. What a crock of....

petrol tax

Posted on 10-08-2017 14:28 | By linds675

didnt national already put a tax on petrol to do the auckland roading system??

The Truth Thus Far

Posted on 10-08-2017 17:48 | By backofthequeue

$2.8 billion for Auckland Transport. Nothing for four laning Turret Ave. Mr Bridges takes Tauranga for granted. Vote for change!


Posted on 10-08-2017 17:58 | By Capt_Kaveman

she get the top job which will give Labour prob 8-10% support then puts out a dumb idea like this

Oh Bridges and Muller you tools

Posted on 10-08-2017 18:40 | By Tgaboy

We already are charged for our toll roads that National did nothing about. The only city outside of Auckland with toll roads. Cheers. And now you are trying to alarm us about a threa that's not there. What tools!


Posted on 10-08-2017 19:59 | By old trucker

with linds65, yes they did years ago ,i think it was 9-12 cents a litre then too pay for their roads, ASK Simple where the money has gone, also ACC put 4 cents in their as well, so we are being ripped off,they should take the TOLL gate away and put it at the entrance to their billion $$$$$ tunnel, we are SCREWED IN TGA, 2 toll gates here,and the SLIP road from Tauriko on to Toll rd has been closed for about 3 months now (because there is a problem with it,) Yeah right, it will get fixed, like the SLIPS at Omokoroa,Never,yeah right, TCC (i believe and Contractor are arguing over this ,from my scource, my thoughts only on this,THE WINNER for the BEST NEWS is SUNLIVE IN NZ, yeah har Thankyou, 10-4 out.phew.

Auckland begged

Posted on 10-08-2017 20:41 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Then rejected that idea to fund roads etc, same applies here why not use rates efficently as and where needed first economically. Then dont even need all the rates then, win-win

Fuel Tax

Posted on 10-08-2017 22:35 | By roseh

Stop trying to scare everyone the both of you,Who put the petrol tax on before .Wasn't Labour.And ihave been listening well and haven't heard Tauranga is getting the tax Only when Simon Bridges and Todd Muller have said it.But not the first time I have heard Simon Bridges tell an untruth.Play fair


Posted on 11-08-2017 09:56 | By Colleen Spiro

She said AK, stop trying to scaremonger. It was for the rail to the Airport

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