Community to help paint a picture for public art

People have until April 30 to provide feedback,

Western Bay of Plenty District Council is seeking feedback from the community to help shape their community's art scene.

The proposed changes to the policy aim to clarify roles and responsibilities in the provision of public art and have clear objectives about what public art achieves for the district.

Public art is any artwork in a public space like parks, buildings, or streets. It can take many forms such as sculptures, murals, digital art/projections, nature-based art, and sound art. It can be permanent or temporary. The majority of public art in the District is provided by community groups, rather than funded by Council.

“Public art helps to enhance and enliven our experience of public space. It contributes to a sense of pride and belonging in our District, supports thriving communities and showcases the creativity of our artists,” explains Council’s Policy and Planning Manager, Matthew Leighton.

“Through this process we’re confident we can add to the vibrancy of our District - expressing and supporting a sense of neighbourhood history, culture, and identity, and helps drive economic vitality.”

Council has worked with tāngata whenua and community groups involved in public art to help make improvements to the current policy.

It's now time for the Western Bay community to share their thoughts on the proposed changes. This feedback will help finalise the policy and guide how we deliver public art in partnership with and for our community.

Join in the kōrero.

Online Wānanga ipurangi

For more information and to provide your feedback on the draft policy visit:

Hard copy Pepa mārō 

Available at all Western Bay Library and Service Centres and Barkes Corner Head Office.

In Person, ā kanohi

If you would also like to provide your feedback to Council in person, please contact by 30 April 2024 to secure a timeslot.

Feedback closes 5pm, Tuesday, April 30.

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Proper artists though

Posted on 04-04-2024 17:15 | By Captain Hottie

I'm all in favour as long as the artwork isn't done by a bunch of primary school kids. Keep that stuff for the proud parents' fridge doors, I want to see proper art out in the community.


Posted on 05-04-2024 16:25 | By This Guy

Being against little kids having a chance to put their artwork up is being a bit mean spirited, don't you think? Art is for everyone after all, and I'd imagine it means a lot to any kids who worked hard on something as a gift to the community... (also isn't one of the complaints people like to repeat about modern art being "a child could do that") - Some done by "professionals" would be great I agree, but it would be just as good to have them painted by the people in the local neighbourhood as a "community building" thing to get to know your neighbours a bit more (like the one in "X street" was designed/painted by the residents of "X street" who wanted to do it)

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